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Find Your Way Home by JJ Muir

Jason Jones

Love the honesty in the vocals in the beginning.  Very nice.  Over-production here would be a bad idea.  Keep it simple.  Keep it honest.    At :35, the electronic elements fading in are nice.  Very subtle, but introduces some tension.  Nicely done.

The flutes coming in at "Take Things Slow" are a bit too pronounced, I think.  ...   and then the tinkling bells that come in right after that are...  I hate to say it - a bit cheesy.  Didn't fit the previous feeling of honesty, in my opinion.  Gotta have the right sound for those, and they probably shouldn't be as loud in the mix, either.

Also - a note on your vocals.  Love em'.  They're rich, full, and full of emotion.  Wouldn't change a thing with the vocals.

When the drums come in, the song changes, and I get that it's supposed to.  It might change too much, however, with the electronic arpeggios added, and then, just when I'm wrapping my head around the change (because it's quite abrupt), it's already over.  This needs to be addressed.  The song begins emotional, and honest, and the lyrics are something most people have struggled with, so it's very visceral.  Then, when the flute comes in, it might sound a bit forced, and drawn-out, which could take away from the previous emotion.  Then, the tinkling bells draw way too much attention to themselves, and the sound used isn't quite right.   Then the drums come in, and though the idea of that change is good, it feels too abrupt and forced.  By this time, the original emotion and honesty were pretty much lost.

Just gotta work on the arrangement, and a few of the sounds.

I really like the idea of this song, it just needs to execute a bit better, and with the proper arranging, the original emotion in the beginning could be accentuated throughout, and leave the listener in a very nice space.

Also - as a note - I wasn't going to mention this, but the drums recorded sound very flat in comparison with the rest of the mix.  They also have too much room, and lack definition.  They're not bad, and if you're going for a throw-back feel then they can work, but they could definitely have more impact if recorded and mixed properly.

Andrea Young

Hi Jeremy, thanks for sharing your music and welcome to the world of music promotion ;)
My first thought on possible avenues to reach people would be local performances of course, that is always helpful to build awareness for your music (there's a saying that great music has a way of being found).  Are you performing or willing to?  And the social media angle is always important.  Also network with other bands/artists like yourself that you could possibly open for, or collaborate with.  Otherwise, my suggestions would be more pinpointed to specifics based on each individual song.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!  

JJ Muir submitted media.

Kristin Pedderson

Your song is very beautiful. Sentimental and feeling. Your voice is gorgeous like butter. From listening to this track you have a really wonderful vibe, and  I believe if you have additional STRONG songs, you can fare well in music business.  Feel free to get in touch with me (Kristin) email at office@bigfussrecords.com - when you have a set/project ready to go. We would then listen again. Thank you for sharing and if you have any questions, please ask. Best wishes for your continued success. 

wayne leeloy

great production value. I like the melodies in the lead and bgv's.  I love the idea behind the lyric, as well.  beautiful piece of music.  congrats.

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