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Fez The Immigrant
Columbia-based indie rock project by Ricky Tafolla. I'm a drug addict.

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Sign My Chest by Fez The Immigrant

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this my way! Since you're looking for a bit of feedback on production, I'll start with that and then move to some helpful promotional points.
The L-R balance is pretty much on point for the opening. Since the guitar motive is so strong in the left, I'd recommend extending the reverb and raising the overall level on the downbeat chord for the R guitar to smooth out the balance between the two sides. The vocal is centered nicely. 

This clears up at 1:13 for the refrain when everything joins in.

Love the early Strokes-infused melancholy you've created. The refrain is solid.

Hah! You're one step ahead. I was just thinking of the missing right guitar downbeat chords, and then they entered at 1:55. Love it. Rounds everything out beautifully.

2:24 - 2:43: props for staying in time during the solo. Not easy.

Another positive point on the refrain is the vocal octaves are perfectly in tune. Because of that, you get those nice harmonic overtones giving you a fuller sound.

Just had a listen to the rest of the release on Bandcamp (quite the falsetto in 'Communication Failure'!

For promotion, I'd recommend leading with this track and 'Let Them Talk'. Kevin and Brody are both good choices to start with:

Kevin: https://fluence.io/mp3hugger
Brody: https://fluence.io/brodyramone

Also Andrew for production notes: https://fluence.io/AndrewNast

If and when you choose to make the promotional push, putting a press release together will definitely help. Here's a guide to give an outline of the process (http://blog.fluence.io/7-step-diy-pr-guide-for-creating-an-amazing-campaign/), and here's a basic template download showing a good layout: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mpcv56vllb24qv7/Fluence%20Press%20Release%20DIY%20Template.docx?dl=0

Hope this helps, and message me with any questions on Fluence. Also, feel free to send any future releases here as well: music@awakingdreamer.com


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