Taylor Alexander

Taylor Alexander

Taylor Alexander

Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Artist, Beat Box
Taylor Alexander mixes pop, soul and rock values simultaneously creating a sound, style and look, all his own. Handcrafted songs, coupled with a lush fluid vocal and emotionally captivating lyrics. His stylistic versatility and intimate songwriting ability will surely stimulate your musical mind and senses. Alexander is currently stationed in Los Angeles, CA.
singing, creative writing, graphic design, songwriting, music performance, fashion
hip-hop, indie rock, indie pop, folk, singer/songwriter, pop, indie folk, blues
Los Angeles, CA

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LONG WAY ROAD FT. DOC OPTIMO by Taylor Alexander

Shamal Ranasinghe

Thank you for sending this to me. Fluence was built for artists like you. First of all I like the video and song. I wouldn't necessarily seek it out and find god in it, but I would love to see you rock and funk this out live. I'm going to spread the good word on this track and share to my followers on twitter. I love the way this song mixes up with the rap. You guys must be a great show live. I'm going to recommend to some LA based curators. Coming your way. Talk to Jessie Scoullar who can help you with your marketing and direct to fan site.

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