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Taio Cruz

Jacob Taio Cruz (born 23 April 1985), best known by his stage name Taio Cruz (Portuguese: [ˈtaj.ju ˈkɾujʃ]), is a British singer, songwriter, record producer, occasional rapper and entrepreneur. In 2008, he released his debut album Departure, which he wrote, arranged and produced himself. It achieved initial success in the United Kingdom and earned him a MOBO Award nomination.

In October 2009, Cruz released his follow-up album Rokstarr, which includes the number one singles "Break Your Heart" and "Dynamite". Cruz has collaborated with Kesha and Fabolous on the single "Dirty Picture", as well as Kylie Minogue and Travie McCoy on his single "Higher". Additionally, Cruz penned and recorded the song "Telling the World" as the lead single from the soundtrack to the 2011 animated film Rio. Cruz's third studio album, TY.O, was first released in Germany in December 2011. In 2012, Cruz co-wrote the David Guetta song "Without You". In April 2015, Cruz released the first single, "Do What You Like" from his forthcoming Roses Collection.
London, UK

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Nice and Loud

Good dance record.  80's feel to it.  Would work in Vegas and London.  A House remix would be nuts if done right.


Nicholas Peltekakis

I have sent this to my station manager for inclusion in the daytime radio playlist.

Tom Matthew

Nice song, good vibe. I understand you're only looking for promotion - I'm happy to spread the word.


This song is a hit and the music video is awesome.  I love it.  I can easily see this being the summer anthem.  Great job, would love to see it submitted for my next music video festival.  

Valida Carroll

I mean...c'mon...who is NOT going to like this video? This is what eye-candy dreams are made of, and I don't mean just for the lads.... Can these ladies be any hotter? 
Makes me wanna go on a holiday...like now.

Kimberly James

WOW! Very sexy without being trashy. Fantastic song and you have a terrific look! This takes me back to videos when they were great! Love the music. You should email us! You are for sure a star!

Parker Crystal

Watched this a couple times bobbin' my head the entire time.  Will definitely share!

Going Solo

The song has a lot of radio potential. It sounds lush, funky, dancey and I think a nice house remix will do the rest. Definitely something to share.

Hugh McIntyre

Easily the catchiest song I've ever been sent on Fluence, and the best Taio Cruz song I've heard in a while. I could see a lot of people liking this if they hear it. This could easily be a hit in the UK.

Brody Ramone

I know you're not looking for feedback on this track, but I just have to say: What a catchy track! I'm willing to feature it on my show (although it goes outside the indie scene that I normally feature). Feel free to connect with me via my socials and send me the track to be featured!

Scott Cohen

Sounds like a summer hit.

Brian Hazard

Love those synths! This is all sorts of awesome. Stylish and sexy. I'll definitely spread the word! Thanks for sharing it with me.

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