Abraham Sarache

Abraham Sarache

Abraham Sarache

Alternative progressive rock multi-instrumentalist and songwriter
Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who is guided by all the feelings that music can explore.
Experimental with unique folk instruments and different music genres, Abraham Sarache's implementation of the venezuelan cuatro as a new tool for rock and metal music, shows a new path for alternative sounds.

Now recording his first solo album "The Gardener" with a conceptual touch and progressive brushstrokes.

-Awarded as first place on "Melómanos" Mel de Galicia's music contest 2013.

-Publication of my course "Modernizing the cuatro" on www.en.tucuatro.com (2015)

-Awarded as Best Alternative Hard Rock song by The Akademia Music Awards, May 2015
live shows, music production, songwriting, music performance, music composition
metal, rock, alternative rock, grunge, lifestyle, progressive rock

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The Crush: Eyes of Fire by Abraham Sarache

James Moore

Hi guys, this is an interesting track for the alternative genre, as it harkens back to the more metal-inspired and experimental Soundgarden take on alt rock. I'd say this is a good thing artistically - I wasn't sure what to expect on the first verse, but the chorus is really quite the onslaught. I wavered on my personal thoughts of how into the track I was at different points, but overall I have to say the band comes across as very passionate and charged, and this counts for a lot in my books. It shows. The accent was possibly part of it for me, but it adds to your personal flair.

I'd be curious to hear more of your work. This is a nice fusion.

Danielle Langley

I think your vocals have great potential but feel the overall style of your music does not highlight your capabilities strongly. I'd like to compare you to the sounds of Staind or Deftones... but hate comparisons as I think you are trying to also create your own thing. Perhaps a bit more melody and fluidity to the structure of your sounds would help the songs expand a bit more and eventually lead it to have more of a story. All in all, loved the scenes from the ocean in your video and the colors, great job!