Mohamed Marah

Mohamed Marah

Mohamed Marah

HipHop Artist/Producer.instagram: @mohamedxdotcom
My name is MohamedX. 
I’m a Hip-Hop Artist/Producer 
From the bay bay bay bay bay
AKA San Jose, California. 
My Parents immigrated to the U.S. from West Africa.
My dad left my mom before I was born.
So my mom raised me on her own.
As a kid I used music to express my feelings
I was mad
I was mad at my dad
I was mad at school
I was mad at the world!
So I started rapping when I was like 10
I called myself “Blackheart” lol
I had two whole albums in highschool
(“In The Dark” and “Regenesis”)
In college I changed my name to “The Prof!t”
(Like “the Prophet”)
Thought I was hella clever lol
And I dropped two more albums
(“Rev!val” and “Casa Negro”)
Finally I decided to go with MohamedX. 
(No relation to Malcolm)
My Musical Influences growing up were:
Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Kanye West,
and my favorite rapper Eminem
Em is the truth!
I also gotta give props to Michael Jackson
I used to moonwalk my ass off when I was a kid lol
I played college football at San Jose State University 
Then I signed to the San Diego Chargers after college.
After I got cut from the team I decided to go back to my first love…
music producer, music production, music writing, lyrics, music performance, music, musicology
rap, hip-hop, music, world music, abstract hip-hop, pop music
San Jose, California

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02 A.E.O.M by MohamedX

Brent Tactic

vocal is strong and cadence is very dope. beat leaves a bit to be desired but lots of potential here.

WildStyle DaProducer

I like it. Its definitely solid track with really engaging delivery and artful lyrics at times. I wasn't completely sold on the hook though. I don't think it necessarily helps listeners become more engaged. It may be more of the way it was delivered and the mix on it that feels a little disconnected from the verses. Overall its a very good song though. 

Martin Bryant

Not personally my kind of thing but there's a strong vocal performance here and I really like the interplay between the bassline and the kick. Very nicely put together track.

Brett Napoli

Simple beat reminds me of 90's hip hop and rap, simplicity. Less is more. Nice progression on the the lyrics, well crafted and smooth delivery. Some slow, some fast makes an exciting ride for the track. Also enjoyed the Chorus, 2pac style. The track title I didn't really understand, but otherwise nicely done.

Bob Lugowe

I wasn't sure what to expect after seeing the album cover which showcases a lot of different personalities and styles but I have a feeling that was in intentional on behalf of the artist.  My only real complaints are that in the chorus the vocals are way too loud in mix and that the production sounds more like a mixtape not an album, which is how it described.  The chorus drags on a bit too long too.  Besides that, this song slays and it all comes down to MohamedX going hard on the mic throughout.  The lyrics are excellent, the flow is great and he displays a diversity of style within each verse.  That brings me back to the cover which after listening to the song represents the artist superbly.  I think if the production were improved this could have a much wider appeal.  I'm definitely interested in hearing more.