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Heiko Lohmann

Heiko Lohmann

Spare Planet
Cologne, Germany

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Mr Nostalgia by Spare Planet

Ollie Russian

Nice guitar sound, takes a long time for the vocal to kick in for me but really nice when it does, lovely voice and tone. Nice Bv's too. it's a nice song but I wanted a little bit more from it, it builds nicely but doesn't hit me with a big chorus and needs to do something else for the second verse to lift it.  

Bree Noble

Although the intro is lovely, it's a bit too long.  There are some bass notes that are not quite on point which takes away from the tight feel you are going for. The vocals are lovely and the lyrics are engaging.  I just found the inaccurate bass notes very distracting for a studio recording. I still like the song enough to play it on the station. Leave me a message on Fluence and I'll give instructions of how to get your song on the station and podcast.

D Grant Smith

Slow build but as soon as the vocalist comes in, the song has real heart. With a sound similar to 90s Natalie Merchant with a hint of Tori Amos. Target audience would be the singer-songwriter group of indie rock with a melodic feel, a Bonaroo styled AAA gathering of folks who enjoy 90s rock but don't necessarily gravitate to the hipster version of folk rock. 
This is a great song and would be an excellent feature on The Appetizer Radio Show. Message me for submission details.

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