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Cry Me A River (KOSHU Remix) by Justin Timberlake

Sean Sirianni

I'll admit, I was honestly a little skeptical when I saw the title of the track as a JT remix, but I definitely enjoyed this unique take on the Timberlake classic. It had a unique, glitch sound that was a complete departure from the original, minus the vocal line and a few other elements.

I really like the vibe of this song. Very minimalistic and chill sounding, with some variety coming in how the vocals were edited in and great percussive elements. The bass line is awesome! And the sitar-like string accents were a really nice touch.

I was starting to feel like the song wasn't going anywhere, as it started to get a little repetitive, but the bridge was a good change of pace, with new vocals and modified melody. Tying everything together in the outro brought on a strong finish.

Overall, I enjoyed this track. Crossing over pop tracks into completely different genres does not always go well, but this remix relied little on the original, and brought a new and unexpected sound that turned out very nice!

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