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Mary Erangey

PR pro, cellist, songwriter and music-maker, married into Ireland's diaspora, science + education stories and ideas

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EJ Friedman

I watched this with and without sound more than once. The visual concept for the video is extremely clever even if, at times, the execution is obviously flawed in (possibly unintentionally) hilarious ways. When I'm watching something like this, I ask myself, "Who would this appeal to and how could it be enhanced to be more appealing to that group of people?" On the surface, it's something cute and fun that will really appeal to financially stable, romantic adults with an appreciation for art.  The question I'm left asking myself (and perhaps why you're asking my opinion): does it go far enough in that direction or does it go too far?  It's purely for romantic comedic effect, I get that.  I'm just caught with this lingering feeling that I'm witnessing a very personal love story between the people who conceptualized the video & that's what makes it both appealing and special.  

Jess Shanahan

I love the mix of animation styles in the video and the use of different artworks is great to. The song itself started off a little slow and I wasn't sure I was going to like it but when the vocals picked up it turned into a really fun pop song. The vocals reminded me of The Beautiful South with a more lively twist to the music in the background.

A very catchy song.

Chuk Jones

Love the creativity in animation! The mix of media and animation styles is very entertaining. Not sure if you were looking for a review of the animation, the song or both but I like the packaging. Kudos to the animator(s) as well as the musicians. Lovely song. :D

Lora Gene Dee

Interesting concept on the video for an equally just as dashing song! Will be sharing this! Looking forward to hearing more from this band.

Bree Noble

Love this song and video. Please message me so we can feature it on the station, podcast and our video blog. Bree

Mike Mineo

What a pleasant slice of indie-pop! "Blue Umbrella" is a hook-filled success with a video that touts an illuminating artistic style reminiscent of 'Midnight in Paris' in its colorful demonstration for art-filled adoration. The "hey, hey, you" to kick off the chorus - followed by the soaring "under a blue umbrella" - makes for a fantastic chorus that reminds me favorably of The Pastels, who in addition to The Cardigans are great points of reference for blog outreach. Fun and predictable, the track is a breeze to listen to -- and in accomplishing that role, is largely faultless as a pop track. Masterfully executed ear candy, to be sure. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and contact me at if interested in details (rates/success stories) regarding my digital PR servicing. Thanks for sending this along! -Mike

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is a great creative effort. Thank you for sending this to me. It's a great tune and video for a Saturday afternoon. I would highly recommend putting your lyrics in the description for any future submissions. You can update your current submission with lyrics. Have you sent this to Aspen Beat? I'm going to refer you to some folks who I think can help promote you given their overlapping genre styles. Your video is a great way to get people into your song and keep them hooked all the way through. Really well done. 

Chris Wise

Hi guys, 

Thanks for sending this through 

What a fun video! Lots of classic art references :) 

Blue Umbrella, what a great idea for a song. 

This had me tapping my feet along to it 

Yes, nice track, I think its catchy and a great track to play and license for the summer.

Best wishes 


Danny Baldonado

Quite an undertaking for such an animated music video with so many diverse art styles and references.  Not exactly my style of music, but pretty poppy, catchy, and feel good. 
Here are some little things that seemed a little out of place or raised and eyebrow for me:

00:16-00:18 : there's a weird quick edit in the transition from your animated face singing to the dinosaur to the man walking.  It's a little jarring/confusing.
01:26-01:31 : during the multi-screen displays of the singer, there is an overlay of whitish circle with lines through it in the upper left corner of the frame and it's not clear what that is or represents.  It only seems to distract from the rest of the image.
02:35-02:40 : i'm not crazy about the wavy transition/morphing effect of the singer from the animated world to the real life person.  One thought that comes to mind is to maybe use the rain to wash away the animated/painted person and reveal the real/physical person.  All that being said the current transition works- i get the gist.
03:08-03:13 : I don't like the "scrambled" letter reveal of the title of the song to eventually spell out "Blue Umbrella".  It seems really cheesy and rudimentary that it takes the production value down to me- where i think a simple fade up of the letters would be simpler and more effective.

Ok, enough critique of the rough stuff or things that didn't work as well as the rest of the video.  So that also means that the large majority of the video "works".  It's playful and fun and sweet.

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any further questions.


Charlie Ashcroft

This is a great video - extremely innovative with a wonderful attention to detail. It captures the charm of the song very well indeed. The song itself is a catchy example of traditional acoustic pop. The group harmonies work well but I felt that the lead vocals were a little bit low on the mix during the verses, sometimes getting drowned out by the instrumentation. Overall though, some decent potential and some confident songwriting on display.

Jocelin Leige

Yep, not only was this cute and sweet but very catchy. I even recognize a few of the art work used in this video. Thank you for letting me review and and I'll listen to it once more before going to bed. I enjoyed every bit of the song and video, I like when music makes me smile and feel good inside. Can't wait to share this on my blog.

Caroline Bottomley

I'm actually between like and love.
I think the video is a lot of fun and very well done - hello Mattias Gordon!
I'm in favour of seeing protagonists who aren't 20 something hipsters, but because the protagonists aren't 20 something hipsters, it makes this video feel more like a personal project, rather than one that's aimed at the general public. But I bet if the artist has a fan base already, they'll really like this.
The song is light and sweet and catchy.

Kami Knake

The video is amazing very impressive wow!! The song is okay. It's well done, good production, vocals, lyrics, it's just not my personal preference. 


This is a very cute song and a cuter music video.  I love it.  I would love to show it at one of my music video festivals. 

Ari Herstand

Ha I LOVE this video. I love how it plays off of so many famous paintings. And incorporates real faces. Pretty trippy. SUPER creative and well done. 

The song doesn't fit very well with the video though. The production of the song isn't very strong. I wish the amount of effort/production value in the video was put into the song. The song doesn't stand on its own, unfortunately. Don't love the vocals. Guitar tones aren't great. The mix is ok, but not stellar. The lyrics are a bit cheesy. It's a sweet song, but a bit on the nose lyrically. 

However, if this was marketed as a children's song it could do well. But there may be a few too many lyrics for that genre. Worth tagging it as childrens music and sending it to Children's outlets. 

Andrea Young

Creative, gimmicky, fun way to give some notice to your music.  It’s great art education, along with a very listenable and enjoyable tune that is a perfect fit for how quirky it is.  I like all the art references, would love some kind of a ‘key’ that I could look at (doesn’t have to be in the video itself if you think that would take away from it), that tells me what art references I’m looking at for each frame.   Great harmonies!  Just lots of fun and yes, it is bouncy and does make me happy to listen to it ;)  Probably not for a playlist/show but I’d like to hear more from you all, I like what you’re doing.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music and videos!

Eric mcLellan

The song really wasn't for me, but the animations held my interest.  Really well done visual.  I'm curious to learn who created this artwork in the video.

Brian Hazard

The mix has issues - most notably, the guitar balance and placement in the chorus - but it's hard to pay attention to to that while watching such a cool video! Such a clever concept, and fun. Well done!

Great song too! It's about as catchy as they come. Love those harmonies. Next time you submit through Fluence, I suggest including the lyrics in your description.

I'd be delighted to share this with my following on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Valida Carroll

This is really great! Super fun!
Really like the animation...The music sounds great...very 80s style...reminds me a little of Swing Out Sister ;)

The animation was really interesting....Love the animated classic paintings! Must have taken you ages to do! 
The only two things that I think could make this even better, IMO, is the mix...Vox are too buried for my taste...I'd like to hear them more upfront.
With visuals, I think I'd prefer if the last scene, of the two of you, were a little more animated...Everything is so animated and then the ending is too real for me...
But still, will def share this! People need to see this!

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