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Kami Knake

It's not usually my genre of music but I do like the beat and lyrics and melody. But i think the vocals are a little too mechanical for my taste. I'd like more raw. But I'm not your prime demo so there may be a market for this as is.

Ola Bogg

RnB star on the rise! Not a perfect song. It starts of a little slow and never quite lifts but it shows great potential.

Keta Myers

I'm feeling this song, the beat nice and the concept of the track is good (love that went wrong RnB). However the auto-tune is way too much on this track! You have a great voice, showcase it :-)

Olga Knapinska

Both video and the song go well together, the atmosphere that they create is really cool. I was a little bit disappointed that what seemed to be an introduction to the track lasted for that long, and I caught myself waiting for the beat to finally drop. But everything from around 2:00 on was really great. And maybe there is a little too much effects put on the vocals.

Reji B

The video was dope. Very well shot and the narrative was great. I could see this record as being part of an overall concept project/album. That being said, I don't see it being a huge commercial success on its own. I really like the creativity Devin exhibits and I'd like to hear more.

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