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Classical Oasis is a Boston-based project which aims to give student musicians a platform to showcase their talent through beautifully-arranged classical music.
Boston, MA

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Take Me To Church (Cover) by Classical Oasis

Andrea Young

Love the way this starts out, and how it builds to the fully orchestrated chorus.  I’d like to hear more, signed up to receive the free downloads.  Would consider playing this or another of your tunes on playlists and on a show in the future.  I love classical/jazz/instrumental interpretations of pop songs.  The video is amazing!  The light and the tone are beautiful and rare to find in a music video.  Everything is so very well done, it is a treat to watch.  But I don’t love the interspersed vignettes of the family, doesn’t feel empowering to me, tough to watch over and over (which is what I want to do) not sure what its about (a fight?  A separation? Involving a child?).  Will you put out a full length version of this?  2:49 is a bit short to get involved with -- I would play/promote the longer version.  If so, please send that to me for inclusion on playlists and shows.  You all deserve way more notice than you’ve gotten so far, love the idea of your providing a platform for music students with paid performance opportunities!!  Thanks for your submission, hope to hear more of this from you.

Brian Hazard

I'm confused. Classical Oasis is a platform, but also a performance ensemble?

I see from your squeeze page, that's about right! I guess it's like when a manager puts together a boy band? ;)

I know from personal experience that a large percentage of music fans don't care about downloads anymore. I was surprised that I can't find any CO stuff on Spotify! Wave of the future etc etc.

I enjoyed the video, but I'm not sure what it means beyond the performers performing. It would probably help if I were familiar with the original. I take it from the end that it's a bit of a downer, but the music sounds uplifting to me, taken on its own. At least the last third of it.

The recording and performance is fantastic, and it's nice to see a performance video where the players are actually playing the parts we're hearing.

My random musings aside, I'd be happy to share this with my following on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

John Metcalf

Amazing and awe-inspiring imagery.  Highly captivating ! An artful & soulful movement of the heartstrings alluding to the big picture beyond the bounds of this weathered world.  To proclaim glory and transcend what is unspoken, spiritually so, in the exploration of great healing emotions is at the root of understanding what remains sacred.   There is more to this story.  For the bounds of our dimensions can be transcended - the heart is eternal in this awakening.

D Grant Smith

The transcendence of the music is captured well in the video, taking us room to room through various experiences and instruments until bringing everything back to one place and a collective experience. Well done cover version and an even better video.

Shamal Ranasinghe

Thank you for sending this to me. I absolutely love this project in many ways. I'm definitely sharing it to my followers as I think they'd appreciate. The video is brilliant in and simple. It's not overly produced but has heart and feeling. You have created a beautiful worthy platform. I want to do as much as I can to support it. I went to your site and downloaded the four songs. The world is moving into streaming now. Make sure you have playlists set up to share all over including Spotify, etc. The email upsell on your site is a bit too much. It makes the site look like a SPAM trap or fake. You must lead with the inspiring spirit of your project -- especially that video. It should be on the home page available for everyone to see. Relegate the email capture but keep it prioritized above the fold. Send this to Ysanne, Amazing Artists, Dave Kusek, and many more...

Bob Lugowe

This video and song were both excellent and it was refreshing to see such a modern, innovative portrayal of young, classical musicians.  This video definitely deserves more attention as I imagine people with all musical tastes would really enjoy this.  I would suggest giving the website a bit of an upgrade and allowing listeners to stream whatever 4 songs you're offering as a free download.  Many listeners don't want to give out their e-mail address and prefer the ease of streaming (myself included) so this allows fans to stay engaged with the music on your website and learn more about the project.  There should also be a bio of the project, pictures, more videos, social links etc.  Right now the website almost looks like a scam and having a quote from a couple of different fans doesn't do much to legitimize it.  I would suggest putting your music on Soundcloud and various other streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, etc. through a service like Tunecore.  Keep up the great work and hopefully some more compelling videos come out as a result of this project.  

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