Diogo Araújo

Diogo Araújo

Diogo Araújo

Devils Paradise
Born in 2014, Devils Paradise is the union of young musicians dispites the age, have already been on the biggests stages playing to crowds of 20.000 people at many festivals.
Formed by DIZZY~ (lead singer), Felipe Bedani (guitar), Guilherme Bertozzi (lead guitar), Vinícius Faria (bass) and Rafael Rosa (drums), the band arises with their first EP called "Sold Out In Hell"wich was produced by Edu Falaschi (ANGRA/ALMAH) along the band, mixing both Heavy metal and hard Rock into one heavy and solid sound. wich was already featured at big portals such as ReverbNation (USA), Metal Imperium (Portugal) and Whiplash! (Brazil).
"Brazil is most known by punk rock bands like Ratos do Ratos do Porão or heavy metal with Sepultura or even power metal with Angra.But you can't say there's a big name in brazilian Hard n' Heavy so far. Until now. Here is Devils Paradise"

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S.O.I.M [Official Music Video] by Devils Paradise

Victor Salazar

Loving the sound, loving the video, loving the atmosphere!  The song definitely fits the video and it's almost like a rock anthem.  The clean guitar work early in the track is a nice touch and once everyone plays together, the sound really blends in beautifully.  At times, the percussion really overpowers the band, but it's not a negative thing.  It feels almost intentional to the point where it gives listeners the rhythm and beat to headbang too!  Your sound brings together the old and the new.  I would say it's a combination of Pantera and Avenge Sevenfold.  Great job, guys!  I'll definitely keep an eye out for you!!!

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