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Bo Haan

Music Producer | Audio Engineer | Singer | Songwriter | Attorney
Hailing from Taipei by way of Vancouver, Bo Haan is a Los Angeles-based  singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with a distinctively funky sonic imprint.  

While Bo has always had a keen interest in music as child, it was serendipity which would set Bo on a career as a producer and recording artist.  During high school, Bo played in bands, sang in choir, and performed leading roles in the school's musical theater productions.  After one particular performance, Bo was abruptly pulled aside backstage and was asked to record with a "local musician".  The local musician turned out to be the venerable Billboard No. 1 artist Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive).

Since then, Bo Haan has worked diligently behind the scenes as a composer, producer, and writer with the likes of Russian pop diva Sasha Gradiva, internet sensation Wong Fu Productions, and acclaimed film composer George Shaw all while attending school and then working a grueling day job as an attorney.  Despite the hectic work schedule, Bo also managed to win first place in the 2012 season of ETTV Top Idol, the longest-running Chinese-language reality show/singing competition in North America.

In February 2015, Bo left his lucrative legal career to produce and release his first album "Risky Business" in collaboration with hip-hop artist DH.  The throwback G-Funk album paid tribute to the sounds that shaped Bo's musical landscape, and introduced the world to his ability to innovate and push the boundaries of an established genre.

In August 2015, Bo released his sophomore album, "Funkified" - a collection of funked up pop hits  which showcases Bo's ability as a producer to turn anything he touches into funky RetroFuture gold.  "Funkified" also features Bo as the sole and only recording artist - and the smooth-as-silk vocals and unforgettably percussive falsetto style solidify Bo as a heavyweight singer with a unique, unrivaled voice.

Shortly thereafter, Bo also released "Funk d'Asie - Vol. 1" as a token of appreciation to his dedicated fans.  This compilation album is a 45-minute DJ set of the finest funk music coming out of Asia back in the 80's.

When asked about his seemingly unwise decision to leave a stable desk job to become the proverbial starving musician, Bo had this to say:  "I may not be remembered as a clever man who ruled the Wall Street trading floor," says Bo, "but I'll make damned sure that I'm remembered as the man who funked you on your local dance floor".
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Recent Submissions

Bo Haan submitted media.

Ghost by The Blemish

Martin Bryant

Good, solid, contemporary pop that would sound in place on many radio stations. It's not quite something I'd normally listen to, but the Disclosure influence shines through. If I have a criticism it's that it's maybe just a little too clean and 'obvious' - while the song sounds very good, the very best pop has something unusual, unexpected or playful that makes it stand out as excellent.

Mark Schoneveld

Fresh beat, but doesn't come across as wildly original overall.  

Danielle Langley

 Great sound and what a great beat to your song! Made me want to dance around my room and smile. I think you have an infectious quality to your creating process and I'd be excited to hear more of this type of sound from you! Keep up the good job!

Jerry Doby

This had a familiar feel kind of reminding me of Shalamar...kind of dated but I actually like it.

Bo Haan submitted media.

Undefined by Bo Haan

Kevin Hugger

More verified funk from Bo Haan that channels a Scritti Politti/Michael Jackson hybrid. The one thing that really stands out on Bo’s music is how assured it is, both production and songwriting wise. This genre of music is not really my bag but if I heard this on the radio I’d be convinced it was from a million selling artist such are its splendid arrangements and the wonderful layered vocals. The biggest compliment I could make is that it sounds like a fully functioning old school song, the one that you can remember long after it has made its presence known.  And what a voice Mr. Haan has, a falsetto from heaven. 

Victor Romijn

Hi Bo,
Thanks for sending this track. It's very funky and has a good soul vibe and orchestration. Well done!
One piece of advice: the voice fits the music good but can stand out some more in the mix, it feels like the singer isn't on stage front-center but somewhere behind the trombone and sax. 
The guitar solo is good and fits the song.
I think the song has a lot of live potential: the break with handclaps is good for live audiences to clap along and the end of the song has the potential to become a jam that last for minutes and give the musicians the opportunity to introduce themselves or do some short solos or improvisations.

Hugh McIntyre

The song was fine enough, though I must admit I don't feel like it stood out enough from other singles I've heard. There is obviously some talent here, but I'd like to see the singer/songwriter stretch things a bit and do something out of the ordinary.

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Hi there. Thanks for sending your music to me - great opening, unusual guitar sounds that are disconcerting in a good way. I like this, it's funky, has soul, edge and a great strong vocal. Chord sequences are a bit unusual, and that's my fave bit - it's bringing the 70s and 80s bang up to date, instead of replicating everything else out there. Production sounds sketchy in places but I wanna sing along anyway. A fab submission with a really awesome groove, and that solo is a really neat addition, along with the percussion approaching 3 mins in.. Bring summer back!! We'd love to feature you on the site.

Raymond Flotat

Thanks for the submission. Overall, I like the song. It's fun without being saccharine and smooth without being corny. I like the arrangements and the horns used throughout. My only note truly is on the chorus. There's something about the delivery that just doesn't explode off the page. I think there's potential for the song to do so though. I would encourage you try iterating the song's chorus as many ways as you can think to tinker with variations. Try it slower, try it different in different verses. It's not about over singing it, but just finding the way that it really makes the song pop. Definitely worth continuing to workshop the song more to try to make it outstanding.

Danielle Look

This track sounds like it could have come right off of Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience," with the horns and the danceable beat. Very catchy song.

Brett Napoli

Loving the old-school throwback feel to this one. The horns add an awesome touch with their silky sound, and the guitar work (especially during the middle break) is great. Recording sounds perfect, everything has its own space carved out, sonically. Great track!

Andrew Leib

This is right up my alley, thank you for sending Bo! Great tune.

So according to your submission, you're looking for help with promotional ideas... happy to help!

- Playing live. How often do you do it? Do you have a full band? Horn section? Well rehearsed? In my opinion. a sound like yours gets legs by playing live, often. Think of Snarky Puppy, Turkuaz, Motet, etc. these are bands that have a tight, funky sound and it truly sells any crowd that's in the room. It's a long path, but the reward is loyal fans that SHOW their appreciation. 

- Collaborate with other artists like you. In LA, there are tons of great funk / soul / r&b bands... SF as well. Team up with other bands to do show trades, co-writes collaborations, events, etc. Have you heard of Rai Thistlethwayte or Vulfpeck? They're based here, in your world. Reach out and ask to open. Grow with others, it makes the trip better.

- Hire a publicist. It's all about the 'co-sign'. People will want to listen to your music when their favorite blog posts about it. Or when their friend shares a link. Or when you're reading about something on the news and there is your show listing. The key is the to be EVERYWHERE so you can to up your odds for recognition and awareness. 

- Covers. Maybe utilize YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Periscope and post some dope renditions of your favorite songs?  You'll see really talented artists doing either covers or originals and they tend to go viral when done right... give it a try? 

- Live videos. Do you have any? Why would a venue hire you to play if they don't know what you look or sound like live? Find some video folks, pay 'em a couple hundred, and get some GOOD live videos. Or find a session series to do it of you, like Audiotree or . 

- Licensing. Get some! A really great way to make decent, easy money and reach a crowd. Find a small licensing house that'll give you a deal... your tunes would definitely work well in film and TV, just a matter of finding the right company to push them. 

- Play open-mics and jams. I know that sounds "below" some musicians, but to me its important to be as apparent and present in the community as possible. If you show up every week and that bunch of musicians and patrons know you, that's a great base to start playing gigs and get people out there. 

- Take risks. Think outside the box. You have nothing to lose!

Thanks for sending, message me to chat more. Will like you on FB!

Brownie Marie

Definitely feels Michael Jackson-esque. The simplicity of the lyrics definitely has a commercial appeal, but it is balanced by a very good score that appeals to music lovers. I'm interested in knowing if this band is featured on other songs by this artist, and this would be a great song to hear live. I would also like to see this as a music video, as the instrumentation stimulates my imagination.

Paulie Hips

I picture people dancing to this, and meeting someone, and dancing with them till they leave together- OR- People who are already couples dancing close, and just getting down. Thank you for the HORNS, they make this hooky tune mighty moveable. Bass line is killer too! Bo Haan has that particular gift of : "Everything I sing becomes a HOOK!" Great Vocal Delivery! And Bo.... Thanks for getting people laid.

Keta Myers

I was lil' conflicted at first (I don't like it, I like it), but as I continued to listen to the song, it grew on me in a good way. Your vocals are amazing and the beat is nice. Also, the chorus is reminiscent of MJ's Heartbreak Hotel! Good job :-)

Adam Foster

Great voice- I would just love to hear it on a different track.  

For me, I want to hear something more edgy and modern, maybe influenced by this 70s feel but not a direct copy. 

get at me on if you're interested in trying to sing on some tracks I have done. 

that said, if you're going for a light pop/jazz feel, then this is perfect. 

Brian Zisook

Hey Bo, this is outstanding! The song is full of life, super smooth and highly enjoyable. The instrumentation is fantastic. I played this back to back, something that has never happened while reviewing material on Fluence.

I will share your work with our Music Editor at DJBooth for feature consideration today.

Valida Carroll

You did ALL this??
Amazing...MJ would be proud to see what he inspired.
Really don't have any constructive criticism to offer...Just keep doing more of it...You have, what, 130+ more songs to share...Better get to work!

Mike Mineo

Bo Haan's "Undefined" gets straight to the point: slick production, flawless vocals, and a vibrant funk-minded arrangement gets the listener's attention right away. Haan's orchestral vein of funk-pop is refreshing, and appropriately centers around a brass-filled chorus that's melodically delectable and ripe for radio airplay. The bass-friendly bridge around 0:40 provides as a nice transition into the pleasant guitar solo, a nice break from the excitement of the chorus. MJ, Earth Wind and Fire, and Bruno Mars are certainly some complementary influences. Thanks for the submission - will be looking to post on OS in the future. -Mike

Wayne Baxter

Wasn't feeling it at first, but a few listens in this one is massively-groovy. We can't guarantee submissions onto our site (Q4 is fairly overload at the moment), but if we can find any way to squeeze it in we'll definitely try to accommodate.

Bob Lugowe

This song is great and it's really refreshing to hear this style with live instruments from such a young artist.  I got an immediate MJ vibe upon hitting play which is of course a great thing.  I really enjoyed your Funkified mixtape too and think getting a publicist involved with your project would be a great start so you can launch a new single, album or mixtape with a clearcut strategy in mind.  I do think this single should have some more relevant cover art similar to what you were doing with your last two mixtapes where it is an excellent representation of the music at hand.  This song could definitely use a great music video to give it another promotional push and take you as an artist to the next level.   Keep up the good work!

Going Solo

I'm glad you submitted this song because I really like it! It's full of positive vibes and it's also ridiculously catchy. Vocals are bright and you clearly have a strong vision of your music. I can totally see it earning radio plays basically everywhere. If this is not already happening, have you ever thought to hire a good publicist who can help you out with all the promotional aspects related to your work? It can make all the difference of this world.

I'll tweet the song. Please feel free to write us whenever you want at

Thanks for the submission and good luck for your career!

Bo Haan submitted media.

Jen Dan

Hey Bo Haan!
You definitely deliver a (de)lightfully funkified version of The Weekend's symphonic ballad and it's easy to go with your mellow musical flow.
I like your smooth, but still poppy groove with the syncopated beat, piano notes, and briefly plucked guitar refrain.  Nice falsetto vocals too, especially with the harmonies mixed in at times.  I hear shades of MJ with your vocal delivery.
I was going to go into the lyrics, but then realized you're doing a cover song!  Anyway, I like the touches of squiggly and buzzing electro-notes too.  
Nice job on this one!  :)

Paulie Hips

Yes! Did i just get laid? I'm so in. Thank you Bo Haan for not stealing a sample from an "obscure" 70s Funk/Soul group. So often these non due paying, pseudo artistic, over-produced douchebags hear a song on the credits of some Blacksploitation movie thst they assume nobody has heard, so they have someone who's "done tracks for Rihana" rip it off- and then wonder why Buddy Miles daughter's Lawyer sent thrm a sease and dessist letter. "EARNED IT" is NOT that. The hook is fantadtic. The vocal ha xxx a Timberlake-like delivery, but leaves a little tadte of "Prince swagger" on the back end. The hook suprised you, but reminds you thst you want to sing it, and I can't name 1 person in my immediate circle that wouldn't dance  to this. Even if it was just to get laid. Cuz bet your ass- the chicks will be on the dance floir.

Renato Martins

I quite liked the music.It has nostalgic feeling, and at the same time, reflects a current sound.
funk music directly influences the funk carioca, then it is impossible to dislike.

I recommend the sound for a quiet day.

Nicholas Peltekakis

This is a good track, it has a decent lounge vibe to it. I wouldn't say it stands out that much, but I feel that is a good thing in a way as it lends itself to be played to create a mood for the listener, and not be in your face or intruding.

I run an FM dance music radio show out here in Greece, but this doesn't really fit with the musical flow of the show, so I cant help you there.

Thanks for the submission!


Arielle J.

This is so original and fun and I love the album concept. I think this can really appeal both to lovers of current music as well as those who love classic funk. I don't even have anything bad to say about this. Will definitely be sharing it around and following your social media. =)

Danielle Look

Love the falsetto vocals - so retro and funky! It's very chill and groovy, easy to listen to. 

Brett Napoli

Really digging the slick retro funk vibe on this one. The synths throw it back to give it a silky classic edge, the bass line is fat, and the production is clean. The vocal tracks really stand out with their polished and clean sound!

Wayne Baxter

Bo, this is great stuff, thanks so much for sharing. We'll look to run a post on this at some point today for you - it's a nice spin on Earned It (plus we've had a quick listen to Hideaway too, and I'm pretty sure Kiesza would give a positive nod to that!).  Really liking the Prince/Nile Rodgers-esqueness on the tracks too.

Happy to put the Bandcamp / social links in the post too.

All the best

Mike Mineo

"Earned It (Fifty Shades of Funk)" is an immediately appealing effort with polished production and appealing versatility funk-tinged vocals. Fondly enough, Chromeo is an immediate point of comparison; I would prioritize PR outreach to publications fond of Chromeo and Hot Chip, as Haan's sound is on-par in terms of polish and - in my opinion - touts an even more inventive sound, more in the territory of Ford & Lopatin (another useful point of reference) while remaining in the electro-tinged funk-pop realm. With its irresistibly infectious chorus, there's no reason this track shouldn't be making waves in the blogosphere; it certainly meets all the parameters for a hit. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and contact me at if interested in details (rates/success stories) regarding my digital PR servicing. Thanks for the submission! -Mike

Going Solo

wow I'm addicted now! There's a super compelling rhythm here and the song is funky as hell! Check out which blogs featured M.I.L.K., Fickle Friends, Flyte, WHITE, Jungle and submit your work to them. It could be a good way to get noticed.

I'll listent to your record and I'll give the song a spin through our socials. 

I wish you all the best for your music career. Cheers!

Valida Carroll

Love everything about this...From the cover artwork (great stuff!), production, instrumentation...I was grooving the whole time while listening to this.
I'd love to hear a Dam Funk & Bo Haan collab! #goals

Brody Ramone

Hello, you little funky indie pop track! What a great vibe. Overall production value is spot on and the track has a great sound. Really digging it!

Bob Lugowe

This was awesome and right up my alley.  It's great to see such a recent revival of funk/soul/80's inspired electronic and this track perfectly captures the vibe.  I had high hopes when I saw the album cover and was immediately grabbed by the groove, the vocals, the pure funk and the all-around package.  Your description of the music, overall aesthetic and self-promotion are all right on point though when I visited your Facebook page I was a bit confused as you seem to be pushing a few different projects from one outlet.  I think it could be sensible to give this project it's own name and let it stand alone from your solo work.  Besides that, keep up the great work and keep spreading the music on here, I think anyone who hears it will enjoy it.  

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