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Shotgun Shells by Jake Knox

Matthew Linsky

Nice intro. Feels really steady, though the mix could benefit from some extra bottom - especially on the kick drums. 

Nice theme, nice song form, but the vocal performance is underwhelming. The lyrical content is very heavy, but the delivery is nonchalant and not in a good way. Either go big or really go for that shoegazey "long hair don't care" vibe - think Foster The People. 

All in all, I'm impressed with your understanding of song form and arranging, but I'd like to see more from your performance and mix.

Shamal Ranasinghe

I dig this track. Thanks for sending it to me. I don't have any production feedback and am going to share it with my friends. I think you should send this to bloggers and get them to share it. Check out the list here and make sure you ask them to share: https://fluence.io/lists. 

I will recommend some folks you should send this to as I think they would share it. 

Andrea Young

I’d call this catchy and ear-wormy indie pop rock sound with a strong guitar vibe.  I like the production and arrangement behind it, very congruent with the vocals and energy.  The vocals might be a teeny bit pitchy to me, but that’s also somewhat part of their charm and identity.  Much to like about this and the other tunes on your new EP that I took a listen to.  I’d say the EP is ready to go (with some artists that isn’t the case) and next step for you is to promote, promote, promote, especially in SM and performing.  Could develop and strategize more specifics with you for that, get in touch if you’re interested in chatting further.  Thanks for your submission, congrats on your EP release, and good luck with your music! 

Jacob Sherman submitted media.

Shotgun Shells by Jake Knox

Going Solo

The thing I like most of this song is that it leaves you breathless. It's like running the 100m at the Olympics, which is not a bad thing of course, generically speaking, but I think that there might be room to take a little break and reconsider a couple of things. First of all, the voice comes to high in the mix for me, it takes too much space in the foreground. Second, but probably the most import: you gave your best between 00:40 and 01:15 from the moment when the keyboards come in and the moment when everything almost fades. I think that you could further develop these steps, perhaps adding some additional element to stretch them, and then starts running again.

Thanks for the trust and good luck.

Kevin Hugger

Opening with a riff that is familiar, the ring of which stays throughout the song, this is a song that shouldn’t take too long to work its way into the affections of listeners. I was sold on it from the start as much for that hook as well as Knox’s vocals which certainly have an individual streak. The energy is propulsive and I could easily see ‘Shotgun Shells’ working its magic on a Saturday night goals roundup or an advert for the latest 1-billion pixel phone designed to tug at the heartstrings of technology aficionados. All told this is a bubbly little number, an album of similar nuggets could be a real charm. 

Valida Carroll

I don't know if you have time to work on this...I hope you do as I think you mention in the comments section that it's still in a pre-release stage?
I think the song could benefit from a mix-down...
Good vox, but too high in the mix for me...I would take them down a notch and maybe throw some cool filters on them...They are a little too straight for me...
I like the keyboard sound that comes in at 0:41...That's a really great sound and I think it could work as a hook...Bring it up in the mix....let it go off by itself sometimes at the breakdown...give it some space...
Love what happens at 1:14...I think this could pop more if you added something to this section...Maybe some sort of a percussive element? And I'd definitely make the guitar a little louder there...
The vibe reminds me of Two Door Cinema Club...
Check this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arofKy3ehsk the part at 0:30 when you can just hear the vox...
I'd love to hear you try something like this right when you start singing at 0:14...a subtle harmony underneath what you have going on...Also, maybe an arpeggiator to add another dimension and layer? I'd maybe arpeggiate that cool keyboard sound you have coming in at 0:40 to try and see what it sounds like?

Mike Mineo

"Shotgun Shells" is a crisply melodic effort that builds toward a massive chorus with perky percussion and enthusiastic vocals, which are swiftly accompanied by a very slick series of instrumentation around 01:40 that incorporates both playful synths and rock-laden guitar distortion. The vocals remain playful and anthemic throughout, the tone very ideal for radio play. The "you had it all, and then took the fall" chorus is very musically accomplished as a pop hook; very impressed with its infectious tendencies. The synth/guitar interplay reminds me very fondly of some of Weezer's efforts. Great sound. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future. Also, reach out to me at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in details (rates/success stories) regarding my digital PR servicing. I'm confident this track would be received very well by my contacts. Regardless, thanks for the submission :) -Mike