Ben Whitfield

Ben Whitfield

Ben Whitfield

Upbeat indie pop. Releasing a free song every month starting 1 Oct.
Norman, Oklahoma

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Good Feeling by Benjimanji

Disco Naïveté

This track is a lot of fun - I could easily see it on a young pop label like Neon Gold but it needs serious shaping up: overall it sounds too much like a demo, there's not enough emphasizing on instruments, the drum sounds like you recorded it in your kitchen, etc. Vampire Weekend vibes, kind of. I would really try and look for a great producer that can make this sound less 'band' but more 'pop' for a single version. Lots of potential, best of luck!

Brody Ramone

A feel good poptastic indie track. Production quality is good but I wonder what it would sound like if the lead vox had the same effects as the back vox have? More a curiosity of sorts than anything. Keep up the great work!

Liane Chan

An upbeat happy tune, I like the keyboard fills and swinging beat. It's got a fun indie pop sound that gives an almost Spring Break party feel. Probably would work well at a beach party.

Kevin Hugger

Friday night love eh, much more quirky than Saturday night love and with a pinch more authenticity.  And now there is a soundtrack to highlight the event, and what a jumble of cute noise it is. From the Doors like synths to the blazing brass this is a loose and freewheelin’ homage to events that happen after we drop our 9-to-5 guard and become what we are inside. No surprises that it comes from an artist called Benjimanji, the name itself just conjures fun and frolics. Who cares if the vocals are a little thin in places because this is the real world and we want to feel it in all its glory. 

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