Adrian Feder

Adrian Feder

Adrian Feder

I produce dance music. I consider the music as the medicine of soul. When I make music I'm in a different world where the time pass too fast :) 

My wish is that the people listen the music I make and feel the beauty of the life!
music production
edm, music

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Believe Me by Adrian Feder Ft Inmagine

Kami Knake

It's a great dance track! Love the production, melody and lyrics. Dance isn't even my fav genre and I loved this song the first time I heard it.

Bob Lugowe

I really enjoyed this track and was impressed with everything from the professional quality to the vocals to the composition.  The song kept me engaged throughout the duration and was both catchy and danceable.  Since you have the music part down pretty well, I would work on getting your music out there more which is possible without a label too.  Perhaps make a music video for this song or submit it to radio, online radio and podcasts.  I think your website could look a bit more professional and your promotional pictures could be retaken so you look more like a DJ than a standard portrait.  Besides that, keep up the good work and best of luck! 

wayne leeloy

really great track. the beats got me moving at my desk and I really enjoyed the vocal and melody.  it reminded me a lot of what I'd call POP/EDM (house music?) which for a guy like me is probably the best way to hook me.  The outro at the end was a little long, but all in all, this was really well done.

D Grant Smith

Hits the right elements of Pop sensibilities with an EDM backdrop, making a nice fit for a variety of music fans and outlets (dance, club, pop, electronic).


I love the vocals on this track.  I think that the music kind of gets lost behind the vocals.  However it is a really strong song.  Great job. 

Andrea Young

I like this dance/house/electro track, its’ got great energy, makes me want to move and dance (always a good sign).  Vocals are beautiful and lyrics relatable, and both add much to the tune.  Being ‘signed by a label’ means so many different things these days, I’d ask what your goal is with that? If it is all about support and use of the label’s marketing expertise & contacts, most traditional record labels will sign you when you’ve got a following already, as opposed to just when they like the music you’re producing, so I’d suggest working that as much as you can, and then the labels will come to you.  Otherwise, I’d suggest working with an artist development agency (like Aspenbeat) or one of the new promotion/PR/branding companies that specialize in breaking new artists.  If you’re DIY, then I’d suggest focusing on bringing up your following/SM/Soundcloud numbers, they are fairly low.  If you’d like to chat further about it all, get back in touch.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music. 

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