Ville Laaksonen

Ville Laaksonen

Ville Laaksonen

Debut album Spaces Between Memories out now! Emotional vocals, looped violins, string orchestra, subtle beats and warm ambient synths.
Helsinki, Finland

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Gianluca Abbadessa

I recommend adding lyrics in the YouTube description as well - and everywhere else you're promoting the song online as you already made with your Bandcamp profile, because it's an effective way to strenghten the relation between you and the listener.

First thing: I can't believe that such a beautiful music video have only 2800 views on YouTube.
Second: I really appreciated the arrangements based on background voices before the chorus and  your velvet voice is perfect on an eighties slow rhythm with electronic drum side. In some parts of this song I hear as it were James Blunt voice and I like it so much. 
Really loving this song. I'd love to see you live and  understand if the effect is the same of recording studio version.

I also realized your song has a great potential for advertising and synch especially for long time stories such as pre-roll video ad on YouTube or TV ad, without any voice off, just your music and video or motion picture.
You could try with MusicSupervisor for having more opportunities to license your music.

Great talent!

Mee 丰

Hi Ville, 

Thank you for sending me this music and video. Okay, I'm going to separate out the elements... 

The video isn't for me. I find it self-indulgent, too much camera facetime for my tastes.

The song has some nice elements, and to be honest, I enjoyed listening to it a lot more when I wasn't watching the video. The video did the opposite for me that a music video should do. Instead of enhancing the song, it was distracting and detracting from the emotion of the music.

So the music on it's own had nice elements. The strings are great, and I'm super picky about strings. There are nice textures and subtlety in the arrangement, and nice recordings and eq etc

The mix of the song didn't seem 100% balanced, perhaps worth revisiting.

Thank you again for sending, and I am sure there is a receptive audience for this music.

Disco Naïveté

This feels like a pop track packaged in a (too?) classical composition. I think the song itself is interesting and has appeal, but because of the production that's kind of 'very calm' and 'classic' it kind of just passes by without ever grabbing you. There's a clear pop structure in terms of how a pop song looks like, but the listener is kind of left to discovering it him/herself because the chorus does not stand out in any way, etc. The song needs more 'wow'-moments, I think. It's getting better towards the end but those high pitched voices are maybe a bit too much - I would keep them but have bigger drums join in, like create a swelling climax feeling.

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