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Liquid Hot Magma

Liquid Hot Magma is a band from Chicago playing Rock music with a blend of Reggae and Funk.
Chicago, IL

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James Moore

Hi guys, thanks for sending. This is very strong - what I like most is how it really escapes the typical Sublime/limited approach to the genres, and really opens up to a plethora of genres. But it's not indulgent; there's a heavy focus on songwriting. The vocals are heartfelt and the backups imaginative. I love the bassline groove and the hopping back and forth from pop to rock. 

I'm really impressed on all counts. This is definitely something I would take on as a publicist/PR company owner myself. I know that many music bloggers and journalists would dig what's happening here. 

Sorry for the lack of critique, but I think all aspects have been given care here and you're hitting the mark fully. Good work guys!

Brent Douglas

Musically, you guys seem to be on the right track. You're talented and the recording/engineering is crisp. From looking at your social media, it seems like you guys are just lacking support and exposure. This is a common problem, but can be fixed with some hard work. The first step I would take is to determine what demographic you want to reach. A rock/reggae/funk band can be a little niche, but if that's what you do, you just need to figure out what venues are playing this type of music and what media outlets are covering it. Next, you have to fully immerse yourself in the local scene. This obviously isn't an overnight process, but it's crucial. Pick out some bands that you admire and are successful locally and hit up events, meet people. Other musicians, promoters, venue staff, etc. You don't have to approach them asking for help, just build a relationship and introduce yourself. I honestly wouldn't ask for anyone's help until you have an established relationship with them. While you're making new friends face to face, I also recommend linking with someone who does PR (and does it well). There are tons of people who work in PR, some are trained and others are not. Don't be afraid to ask for references and make sure they have relationships with the media outlets you're looking to be featured on. These two steps will get you a long way, but you also want to create as much content as possible to stay relevant and in front of people consistently. This doesn't mean you have to drop a new song every week, but do something. Be active on social media. Communicate with fans. Release music and/or videos. 

Mike Mineo

1. Liquid Hot Magma's incorporation of rock, funk, and reggae results in a hook-filled sound led by anthemic vocals, crunchy guitars, and a reverence for anything that makes rock fun. This is music that's instantly accessible - the sort you play at a party without a second thought as to whether it will be well received. They commendably avoid the repetition of many reggae or funk-tinged acts, primarily through a strong melodic backbone and knack for organic hooks.

2. Hard for me to tell without pitching it to them. I'm sure there are many that would be receptive though. I do provide digital PR services, which includes me contacting over 400 contacts in the music industry with your music on a daily basis (spreadsheet included). You can reach out to me at if interested in rates/success stories regarding that.

3. Looks good to me -- Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter are all you really need for that. The website helps too, for sure.

4. Use Hype Machine as a way to discover blogs who may be interested in you; go to the site and search for bands that your fans typically enjoy as well, and submit your music to the blogs posting them.

5. I will absolutely be looking to post one of your tracks on OS in the near future. In addition to that, keep in mind my PR servicing if in need of it, as well as the Hype Machine tip; that site is really a great database to find contacts.

Thanks for the submission,


Shamal Ranasinghe

This is awesome. I love this sound. I'm into reggae and rock so this blend works for me. Thank you for sending this to me. I like the riffing 2:30 in. Nice solo-ing and vibe. Recommending it to some other folks. Great work on the submission. 

Andrea Young

I’d describe your music as a combination of reggae and jam band rock.  This track is like a rock opera, it’s got so many different parts and aspects to it.  I think your challenge, in order to attract managers, broadcasters, bloggers, and labels at this point, is to work more on your music, make it better – not just good, but GREAT, tighten it up even more on vocals and songwriting for example.  This is still a work in progress for me, the track sort of meanders about – reggae one minute, rock/pop the next, and I couldn’t quite grab onto it. Suggest cross-promoting your music and yourselves on social media in order to attract more of a following, for ex., follow or like the venues in your area, other bands like yourselves who you might like to give tour support to, that type of thing.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!   

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