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The Love Is Gone (Official Video) by Waiting For Sunday

Indie Band Guru

The video is amazing.  The imagery and mixed visuals are stunning.  The song is a fully immersive listen with interesting sounds coming at the listener from many angles.  The energy of the crescendo is very strong.  If I had to nitpick it does take a little long to reach that though.  Good work.

Going Solo

I'm gonna start with the video, 'cause I think that it's very well done. I like the concept that lies behind it and the way in which it fits with the song. So a big shout out to everyone involved in its realization. Speaking about the track, even if I'm not really the biggest fan of this kind of sound, I'd to say that I quite enjoyed The Love Is Gone, but why did you choose to keep the vocals so low in the mix? It's my very personal opinion that a less choked voice would not have ruined the mood of the song. Anyway I'm gonna share the song on Twitter.

Thanks for the submission and good luck for your future!