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Upright Mammals by Sam GO

Max Schneider

This song is rad man! I'm not generally a big fan of pop, but you absolutely nail it. 
The production is killer... dynamic and fitting for the mood of the song. Witty lyrics, a really strong vocal performance, this track is strong all around. Part of me wants to to hear some guitar layered in, but that is by no means something that stands out as missing.. just a thought. 

This is really good shit. I'll keep an eye out for your stuff in the future

Shamal Ranasinghe

At first this weirded me out a bit, but then I started to really dig it as a creative body of work. Then I listened to it again without watching the video. You have a good tune with a fun ride. 

I'm going to recommend some folks to send your submission too. Reach out to Marni Wander in NYC for PR. Brian Hazard for synth indie pop feedback and sharing.

Andrea Young

I like the track, will download it and include it on alt-pop indie rock shows and playlists coming up.  Thanks for making that so easy by including all the links and downloads below.   Vocals, harmonies, arrangement, production, songwriting are all easy on the ear, have charisma to them, even if the lyrics not quite the universal appeal I look for.  The video is melodramatic, dark, quirky, and at times somewhat disturbing (or to use your own description below, 'puzzling and shocking').  It doesn't connect with the music for me (I prefer to listen without watching it), however, I can see how it would catch the attention of fans and further promote your music for you.  Your youtube, soundcloud and SM accounts show you know how to work it, that's a big plus.  Hope my comments are helpful in some way to you.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music! 

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