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Jillie Mae Eddy

Jillie Mae broke into show biz after winning the Miss Bogen County Beauty Pageant--no wait. This is some other actress/singer/musician with blonde curly hair.
Jillie Mae Eddy is a musician, actress, playwright, and composer who splits her time between Brooklyn and Maine. She's been singing all of her life and has studied choral, classical, Broadway, and jazz voice. She started on piano at 6, trombone at 10, guitar at 14—and any plucked string instrument she could get her hands on after that. She released her debut solo album, ALL THE BOYS, on January 1, 2016.

She earned her MA in Music Theatre from The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London. Her work has been performed in London, New York, New Haven, and Maine; as part of the 2014 Portland Fringe Festival and the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival; and in residency at The Barn Arts Collective and at The Freight. Her first show in New York was a workshop of THE GIRL FROM BARE COVE, her original folk opera based on her experience as a survivor of sexual violence. Most recently: she appeared as Crow in THE TOOTH OF CRIME at The Connelly Theater, a production to which she also contributed one original rock song and three further compositions set to Sam Shepard's lyrics; and her black comedy about modern masculinity and misogyny, THE BOYS ARE ANGRY, was selected for the 2015 Fringe Encore Series, Off Broadway, at Soho Playhouse.

She is currently working on a musical neo-western called AMERICAN WILD, OR LAY ME DOWN; set in a dystopian near-future in a United States with disappearing coastlines and an insurmountable divide between rich and poor, the play will borrow from the ideas of Occupy and The New Economy Movement; from the legends of Jesse James and Robin Hood; from the films of John Ford, Sam Peckinpah, and Sergio Leone; and from the idioms of country western, hip hop, and Tejano music.

You can find her online at jilliemae.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/missbogencounty, and on Twitter @missbogencounty.
soul, indie pop, folk, americana, indie folk, bluegrass, country, blues, alt-country
Brooklyn, USA

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Flame by Jillie Mae Eddy

Going Solo

I genuinely like it. This particular track divides my feeling, because it sounds like a like a crossroads between some folk/country oldies like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton and some moder alt/experimental rock act such as Pj Harvey. I particularly enjoy the kind of progression it has, it keeps me attached until the end. It's a grower, if you know what I mean. I'll share this through our social pages. Thank you for the submission and good luck for your future.

Mike Mineo

Jillie Mae Eddy's captivating vocals and gripping lyrics make "Flame" a captivating success. The sloshy, minimalist reverbed-handclap percussive choice in the intro proves a clever way to show off her soulful vocals, as well as gradually add successful components like the suave bass line. When it scales back to just a kick drum and vocal layers around the one-minute mark and then injects a playful guitar loop, the track's impressive flow becomes fully apparent. I'm a fan of the understated quality of this track, minimalist to an extent - but as it grows in the final two minutes or so, I'm very fond of each instrumental choice and the subtle growing expansion - the dual vocals, the guitar-play, suave bass, and simplistically direct percussion are all fitted very nicely.

Look out for a post on OS, and reach out to me at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in rates/success stories regarding my PR servicing. Thanks for the great submission, and I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed my take on littlecoaldove - such beautiful music, like your own :) -Mike

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