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Going Solo

I've a lot of mixed feelings about these song & video. Most of them are positive or can be seen in a positive way. Let's start with the song: it's groovy, it's danceable, it's sexy and it has a sort of '00 aftertaste, which leads which leads directly to the video. I'm 30 so it speaks to me, I've been in that kind of party, a lot of people that just want to have fun. A radio edit would have helped to cut the video a little bit and make it more fluent

All the party scenes convey sensuality, which I guess was the goal. It comes harder to understand what the backstory has to say. I digged through the lyrics, but still it isn't clear even if I have my theory about it. Or at least I like to think that it means this: a grew up kid, almost a man around 30 that hooks up with a younger girl, surrounded by kiddos. It lasts just one night, he feels too old in his inner self. a grew up kid, almost a man around 30 that hooks up with a younger girl, surrounded by kiddos. It lasts just one night, he feels too old in his inner self, she feels bad after that he ran away to come back to his "center". He knows that he has to move on and can't act like a kid anymore. I can be totally wrong on that, but I like to think that way.

I'm sharing this through our Twitter profile. Thank you for the submission and good luck!

Brian Hazard

I love this! Normally I type while I watch/listen, but I was enjoying it so much I had to full-screen it.

That lead to one problem though - I thought the lyric was "or is it the cat" and it got me thinking about my cat allergy. Probably not where you were going with the song.

Reading through the lyrics now, they're just fantastic. They don't answer all my questions about the video, but that's okay. The video is eye-catching (beautiful ladies in bras getting soaked will do that) and emotionally engaging, if a little repetitive. I don't get the chronology, but I can live with that.


I'd be delighted to share this with my followers on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Andrea Young

Turning this up LOUD and playing it over and over.  There's something about this track that is mesmerizing to my ears.  It gets me moving, keeps me going.  Video is great, and I don't need to watch some parts of it more than once, you could have had all dance scenes and I would have been happy.   Send a high quality mp3 to me at and I'll include on an upcoming show and on playlists, and on my Spotify Constant Repeat playlist .  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

SGF submitted media.

Disco Naïveté

This has some potential, but the production really needs to be a lot better. This sounds too much like an Ableton-version, it lacks energy & *real sounds*. Start by replacing that faux kick drum with a real kick drum - you'll hear the song get better instantly. Around the 2:10 mark you're building up towards a climax but you really need to feel that climax, maybe have an instrumental bridge at 2:28 instead of slowing it down again. You're doing this around 2:45 but I would do it earlier (before you slow it down) + make it sound bigger & bolder, it's kind of sizzling there right now.