Daniel Lugn

Daniel Lugn

Daniel Lugn

Debut album “AGILKIA” out now!
- Debut album "AGILKIA" has been awarded by The Swedish Arts Council (Statens Kulturråd) in December 2015.

- The music video for debut single "carbon pusher" and the following video promos for singles "mannequin" and "#iwylamtwylai" had had a total of over 400.000 views on the day of album release (01.01.16).

- The song "#iwylamtwylai" (i wish you looked at me the way you look at instagram) features Gustaf Norén (ex Mando Diao) and Mokko from Ras Kitchen.

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Daniel Lugn submitted media.

Valida Carroll

This video is powerful...Great capture of bodies in motion...and amazing play of light and dark....Whoever did the cinematography on this is incredible.
Definitely sharing this.

Daniel Lugn submitted media.

Disco Naïveté

Really special, this one. I love love love the immaculate production, quite minimal but really intense and clean. Definitely going to listen to the full album. (will do a tweet on this track)

Going Solo

gosh.. this is one of the best song I ever heard on Fluence. I can almost touch the tension while listening, I don't know if it was your intention but it's what it communicates to me. I've also listened to 'carbon pusher', it's good stuff too! Do you have a publicist? it would have helped in the process to share your musci before the album was released. The timing of the release of this single it wasn't right probably.. too close to Christmas, when all the blogs and firms are dealing with year-end charts and stuff like that... they have almost closed the book of the year. A good PR makes the difference and helps to spread the word on your music.. so that's the first tip.
The second one is, if you're doing a DIY promotional campaign, to track down the blogs you think will fit your music through HypeMachine and write directly to them. A good way could be to see which blogs wrote about an artist similar to you (maybe not as big as James Blake) and start from them. 

I'll share this song through our Twitter account and I'll listen to the record asap.. you intrigued me. Thank you for the submission and good luck!

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