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Name's Jeff. I write songs, sling nonsense, work for Space Ghost and the Savage Turner Rock Express and watch a lot of History Channel.
Every good song starts with a story, and Tin Foil Stars, the new alt-country folk pop EP from central Florida’s Horace Holloway, weaves together stories of love and finding one’s place in the world with unforgettable melodies to create a whimsical, and at times dark, journey.


Horace Holloway, the musical moniker of singer/songwriter Jeffery Morrison, pulls inspiration for his songs from his own experiences as a way to make sense of the cards one is dealt. Growing up in poverty in the suburbs of Detroit and ending up in central Florida after his parents made an unexpected escape from the law meant that pursuing music was never an option. Holloway started discovering music in his junior year of high school but it wasn’t until he unintentionally ended up at an Okkervil River show that he realized he had a deep connection to songwriting and soundscapes and it began to take over his life. With nothing to lose and lots to share, he decided to pursue his dream regardless of the obstacles in his way. Songwriting was a way for him to make sense of it all, and to share his stories with the world.

In his debut EP, Holloway marries catchy melodies with layers of organic sounds that draw listeners in and fill his sometimes haunting and dark songs with lightness and hope. The single King of Diamonds is an upbeat opener that tells a tale of the unpredictability of love through the eyes of a deck of playing cards. The five songs ebb and flow through musical mountains and valleys, finishing with the final track on the five song EP, White Winter Heart, a sparse and honest look into Holloway’s struggle to reconcile who he is and his place in the world.

The roots rock and alt-country that he grew up listening to and the music of Gram Parsons, who lived near Holloway’s central Florida home, were significant influences on the soundscape of Tin Foil Stars. From the beginning, the creation of the EP was a collaborative effort and Holloway searched out those who inspired him, and whose influence he wanted on the songs. The EP was produced by Joe Rodriguez (A Flock of Seagulls) at Red Giant Studios in Lake Mary, FL and features musicians from the very bands who inspired him including pedal steel player Neil Flanz, who played with Gram Parsons, Catherine Popper (Jack White, Ryan Adams, Grace Potter) on bass, Scott Brackett (Okkervil River, Murder By Death) on keyboards, and Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown, Tres Chicas), Lauren Strahm (Fleurie), and Brett Williams (Mighty Joe Plum) on guest vocals. Having a strong musical foundation allows Holloway’s vocals and lyrics to stand out and his stories to be carried through the music to the listener’s ears.

As someone who has always existed on the borderlands, Holloway finds his footing in Tin Foil Stars, making his mark and rooting himself with well crafted songs. You can be sure that it’s just the beginning for this teller of tales.
Central FL

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King Of Diamonds by Horace Holloway

Shamal Ranasinghe

Love this track. Really dig the sound and groove. I'm going to recommend you to Aspen Beat's Andrea Young. I'm sharing it to my followers on Twitter.

Valida Carroll

Gosh, this is so lovely...
Your voices...together...the arrangement, instrumentation...the overall mix...All on point. Really love this.

Where are you based? I'd love to host you at Desert weekly live music series at The Standard, Hollywood...
Also, would love to play this on my show if you can DM me a DL link?

Andrea Young

This is so well done and on the mark that it reminds me of something that could be done by someone like The Avett Brothers or The Lumineers.  I'd work more on the mixing/mastering, there's a bit of murkiness in it to my ears so that I can't quite embrace it as much as I'd like.  But even if you can't do that right now, send a high quality wav or mp3 file to me at and I'll include it in shows and playlists, its a track my audience will love, especially with the guitar/steel guitar and male-female harmonies.  How do you make yourselves stand out in the crowd of singer-songwriters would be the question I'd be asking (and answering)!  Let me know what you're doing to get yourselves and your music out there, you should be playing venues and festivals and finding your super-fans, you are ready to do that!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

“Feedback is an opinion, grounded in observations and experiences, which allows us to know what impressions we make on others". 
Sheryl Sanderberg, ‘Lean In’

Kevin Hugger

Horace has got a pretty eclectic line-up going on but that wouldn’t matter that much if his music wasn’t up to much. Thankfully his ‘King of Diamonds’ is both classic and instantly endearing, and by that I mean it sounds like all the best country records your parents stored in that dusty vinyl rack by the fireplace. You know the pile, all majestic and proud and for many years near unloved. That is until a new generation begin to realise that all the best music styles have already been invented and the best we can hope for is clever twists on an aging original formula. Horace achieves this feat and then some, the warmth is genuine with the male/female vocal interplays akin to a log crackling invitingly in the hearth nearby.  

Mike Mineo

Bustling acoustics, shuffling percussion, and a jubilantly twangy guitar lead make the beginning of "King of Diamonds" very amiable, showcasing a hook-laden form of alt-country with ample organic draw. The combination of serene backing female vocals and key trickles around 01:25 provides a nice break-bridge of sorts, this section re-emerging around the two-minute mark before giving way to an effective harmonica solo. Okkervil River comes to mind as a stylistic comparison, so cool to see that your keyboardist was involved with them. Horace Holloway capture a similarly engrossing alt-country sound with a lovable twang. Look out for a post on OS, and reach out to me at if in need of PR servicing for this. Thanks for the submission -Mike

Hugh McIntyre

Pretty! Well done!