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Stephen Molina

Stephen Molina

Scuba and the Tanks is an Indie Acoustic Soft Rock solo project by Stephen Molina, currently recording his 1st album, expected to release in April 2016!
From El Paso, Tx, I've been writing songs for almost 9 years. Mostly self-taught, I started out playing bass in a local Praise & Worship band and slowly picked up new instruments along the way, growing to appreciate each one's worth until one day I found my voice in it all and began writing my first solo album, "The Girl, the World, & the Struggle," a story of love, loss, and restoration. And now in a few months, it's finally coming to life!
indie rock, singer/songwriter, folk rock, soft rock, acoustic
Lubbock, Tx

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Tickets, Please by Scuba and the Tanks

D Grant Smith

Fun song with a lovely little melody and catchy hook. Short and sweet, makes me want to hear more from this artist. The band name is intriguing enough. Add a cool little song with a fun guitar and bass and I'm in!

Brian Hazard

You've got a fantastic voice! This is a promising intro for sure.

To briefly address your questions:

CDs - I definitely recommend CD Baby, but there's no point in pressing CDs until you're performing regularly to decent crowds.

Anything you're missing? - Check out my album release checklist, written just for this occasion!

Music blogs - Preferably you reach out before the release and offer an exclusive. Honestly, I haven't had much luck in that arena, and I don't see you getting much traction as a relative unknown.

Recording live - Go through the board!

Good luck! I'll share this with my followers on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Paulie Hips

This  is not my normal "jam", but this is just done too well to pass up. Vocal is fucking done beautifully and the guitars and arrangement are incredibly spaced out, and somehow hooky as hell. Great voice on this Cat. Can't wait to hear more, as this is not your cookie cutter Emo BS, this is psychedelic, groovy panty dropper music. Good on ya!

Søren Lund Korsgaard

I can probably best help with the blog part. There are many blogs as you say so I would be very careful to only select the ones that have a profile that fits your music. If they have a proven record of liking music similar to yours there is a much bigger chance they would want to share your music with their readers.
Be personal when you write to a blog. Show that you know the blog you are submitting to by telling you like a particular blog post for instance. Also be sure to be precise and keep it short in your description of your music and include a direct link to your music on soundcloud or some other streaming site. The long description or a press release should be attached. If the blogger digs your music they will be willing to download a pdf.
Hope this helps!

How do I get on a blog? Do I have to wait till after its release?

Indie Band Guru

You have a way of really showing your emotions when you sing.  This should gather a connection to the audience.  There is a lot going on at times in the song.  I think you can pull back a little bit.  
The best way to get noticed is to network.  Sounds like you are hitting the open mikes which is great.  Connect with other singer/songwriters.  CDs are going the way of the dinosaur.  They are not that important anymore.  Make sure you get the music on iTunes etc.  I like TuneCore for that.

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