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Prisca Philogene

My name is Prisca Philogene I'm a singer, songwriter, and arranger based in New York City. My love of music and the arts began at a very young age.  I attended the undergraduate program at the Boston Conservatory of Music where I graduated in 2014, with my BFA in Opera Performance.  I'm now using my education and experiences in my new venture as a solo artist.
singing, music writing / blogging
indie, singer/songwriter, indie folk
New York City

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Alan Poyer

This is an absolute dream to drift with - thanks for sharing!

Superb vocal control along with the talented production combine for an ethereal experience -- floating the mind on gentle waves. The visuals from Beeple are a nice touch as well : )

Glad to share this out right now, and feel free to send MP3/FLAC copies to - I'd love to include this in an upcoming 8tracks playlist ( Cheers!

Indie Band Guru

Very cool visuals that match the trippy vibe of the music well.  This is good background music but may need a little more power to truly gain a fans attention.  

Kevin Hugger

Wasn’t sure what to expect here with little or no bio but it’s to safe Prisca let’s her singing do the talking. With little or no background sound her vocals are hypnotic, a voice that could have come from an era of great female singers containing Mahalia Jackson and Aretha Franklin and latterly Whitney Houston. I thought ‘Remember’ might explode at some point, because let’s face it the light show was in place, but it retained its sense of self-assured containment to fully expose Prisca’s range and power to infiltrate the word with artful expression. 

Mike Mineo

"Remember" is a darkly seductive soul-pop crooner, with a soaring bridge around 00:45 that shows Prisca's effervescent voice in quality form. The soft percussion, lush keys, and hypnotic music video visuals remind me of David Lynch's dark and mysterious production/direction, which is very complementary for any artist. With tinges of both that and Massive Attack's hybrid of vocal soul and lush electronica, Prisca shows atmospherically gripping capabilities throughout the track's entirety. Great work - look out for a post on OS, and reach out to me at if interested in success stories/rates regarding my digital PR servicing. -Mike

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