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Paul Graham

Suburban Haze
Initially formed as a side-project to Newcastle punk band Tired Minds in 2012, Suburban Haze envisaged a softer more nuanced style that would draw heavily on post-punk sounds and be weighted by singer Paul Pickles’ uniquely arresting baritone vocals.

Quickly releasing an EP entitled ‘The Lost”, the quartet backed up their commitment by setting to work on new songs and releasing their unadorned debut album, “New Coliseum” the following year. They gained airplay on Triple J Unearthed, cracked the unearthed top ten charts, and in doing so, threw off any notions that the band was merely secondary.

Holding to a hard-working DIY punk ethos, Suburban Haze have clocked up several east coast tours in support of bands such as: Gatherer (NZ), Safe Hands, Oslow, and The Sinking Teeth. They have honed their on stage performance, gaining momentum as a brilliant live act and precocious young band that has found a way to invert the notion of how music can be impactful, not by being heavier, but more dynamic.

This maturity is evident in their forthcoming EP, “It Will Never Happen” which ties in notable and diverse influences. On the distorted side there are elements of Nirvana, Fugazi and The Pixies, and in equal terms there is a sensitivity and melancholy reminiscent of Nick Cave and Jeff Buckley.

Diverse as these influences are, everything is measured and balanced. Nothing is forced or contrived. The forthcoming EP will also feature guest vocals from Patrick Kindlon of Self Defense Family and Luke Monks of Gay Paris.

The first single to be released from the EP, Bed Keep Me will be available for streaming and download on 26th of February via iTunes and Bandcamp. The EP will be released on 12” vinyl and digitally on the 1st of April.

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Clip by Suburban Haze

Going Solo

Nice track, I really dig your energy and the post-punk vibe of the song. It reminds me of The Twilight Sad and early White Lies. I like especially the roughness you bring in at 2:50, when the song seems to have come to an end and instead you strongly  resume it. I'm gonna share this song through the blog's Twitter account. Thank you for the submission, all the best for your future.

Mike Mineo

Clean, twangy guitar tones bring this one in gently, before an enjoyable expansion occurs around the thirty-second mark, revealing a full-bodied alt-rock sound that reminds of '90s indie-rockers The Wrens. The vocals are similarly passionate - with a touch of emotive longing - and the guitar use is front-and-center and very melodically involved. The combustible section that begins around 01:15 is a great bridge of sorts, leading cohesively back into the verses by 01:43. The key addition just after the two-minute mark is a nice touch as well, providing a post-punk edge reminiscent of Wild Beasts. The final minute - where the vocals soar and the guitars become even more unleashed - provides a fitting finale to this polished and powerful effort from Suburban Haze. Really nice work here. I'll be posting on Obscure Sound in the near future, and feel free to reach out to me at if interested in details regarding my digital PR servicing. Thanks, and have a great weekend -Mike

Indie Band Guru

The mellow guitar open is very pretty, The low - high - low song structure keeps the attention of the listener. The mix in the chorus gets a little cluttered with sound though.  
The animation video is well made and will also keep the watcher paying attention to what comes next. 

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