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Trouble in the Wind

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Pen And Page by Trouble in the Wind

Sam Lipman

I really enjoy the blending of the two vocals here. That is by far my favorite part of the song. The way his melancholy tone plays off her lighter, softer voice panned left, it sounds so nice. The  guitars sound really nice here in the mix as well. Here's my suggestion. The drums are too loud in the mix for my taste. The snare roll sounds good sometimes, too loud others, and the pattern is so unrelenting that it needs to be brought down in the mix in general and maybe take a rest from the track at times. Please listen to Paul Simon's "50 Ways to leave your lover" for an example of a continuous drum roll that sits down in the mix under the vocal as to not get in the way. Then, at certain parts in the track, it leaves all together, making it that much more effective.  The cymbal/hi hat during the thankful for my day? (sorry if I have that wording wrong) part are a little loud for my taste too - blurring out the nice quality of the two vocals together. Let's talk about another element I enjoy, the piano. It's used very sparingly and it's effective in doing so. I love the way it "talks" with the steel guitar for the first minute of the song or so. Panning it right with the guitar left works really well. There's a really solid song here - if the drums come down a bit and the vocals are allowed to shine. Again, being a stickler for melody, I like the song best when it's finding one. The chorus sorta speak- thankful for my day and I just want to run part- are really solid and I love the first minute - there is always a difference between verse "rambling" to enhance melodies and too much rambling. I think you'll find the balance : ) Keep doing vocals together - they sound so nice!

Dean Merritt submitted media.

No Good by Trouble in the Wind

Indie Band Guru

Nice song.  I particularly like the way the song builds throughout adding more elements into the sonic space.  It keeps the attention of the listener wondering what comes next.  Good songwriting.

Michael Hunter

Yeah, that's nice!  It's a straightforward sort of song but still carries the listener along with it, and I was a willing participant in the process.  :)  Obviously well played and well structured, and the voices blend well too.  Personally, I'd have preferred for the female vocals to be a little higher in the mix to hear that blending more clearly, but it's fine as is.

I like how the arrangement grows as the song progresses - the pedal steel adds to the overall sound very well.  It's also good that the song takes only as long as it needs to, without the need for excessive showing-off; it's more a case of keeping it effectively simple.  It's definitely a professional sound overall, and I'll be happy to give it some airplay, so you can say you've been played on Australian radio, anyway!

Sam Lipman

The production value on this track is great. The style reminds me of Lord Huron or Edward Sharpe. The mix is really nice - great drum panning and love the duet vocals. The piano works well here and the flatbed? guitar. I have one suggestion for you. You straddle a line between rock and country/folk. I think your music might be that much more powerful if you choose one or the other and firmly plant your stamp on it. It feels a little in between with a song like "Roy" living in rock and "Foxworthy" clearly in country. Tom Petty reminds of of someone who also straddled this line, and he took the time to define a clear melody and hook in some of his most popular songs. I think you could help your sound with more defined melodies or "hooks" and using your clear production skill to define your sound more towards rock or country. Give me something that gets that chorus melody stuck in my head. Thank you for your submission and I look forward to your work moving forward. Feel free to send me updates directly at (soundcloud)

Mark Christoper Lee

Good recording nice instrumentation - pedal steel lovely like it a lot be good to release it ta

Dean Merritt submitted media.

Fire Away by Trouble in the Wind

Jared Losow

Initial reactions - Has a very Kurt Vile kinda feel right off the bat...that hazy-stonery kind of indie folk.

Great catchy chorus and powerful vocals...almost Neil Young like. The lyrics are great - they sound important if that makes sense. Great harmonic movement here between the different parts of the song. This feels honest and real and would benefit immensely from some quirky production from someone who's really well versed in the more "vibey" and "ambient" side of things. I think that will help expand your audience outside the regular folk/country scene. This can be hip!

If you can afford it, I'd recommend looking for a publicist who can maybe put you in front of some new audiences. Even a short 6-8 week awareness campaign would tell you guys a lot about where the potential is for new listeners.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

Nate Maingard

A strong beginning, no hanging around. I like that. 

Really catchy tune, lovely vocals and solid production. Enjoyed listening to it start to finish. Nothing to add really, will share on my twitter and hope many more people get to hear this song.


Bob Lugowe

Really good song that is perfectly described in the description below. It looks like the description below comes from a track review somewhere so you should credit the source if it's from a reputable website or publication. I would also suggest including a brief bio about the artist and links to your official sites within your Fluence description so people can find out more about the artist. It might be worth hiring a publicist and indie radio team the next time you're working on putting out an album so you can get more places to cover it before it's released. I imagine this music translates well live too so if you're looking for more exposure make sure you play out regionally as much as possible and try to get on gigs with more established touring bands. Another tactic would be to offer your album on bandcamp as pay what you want to start to reel in new fans instead of having a high price barrier to potentially rope them in. Nice artwork too for the album. Best of luck!

Daveit Ferris

Well-rounded slice of alternative-folk here. I have to admit, when it comes to longer-than-normal introductions, i need something a lot more interesting than what was presented here. It seemed to drag on a little without any major dynamic shift to keep my attention. That's not to say i didn't like the intro because i did, i just wish it kicked in around 12 seconds as opposed to 33 seconds. The vocalist has a very pleasant voice that is tailor-made for this kind of music, however i did find the melody a little predictable throughout and there's pretty much two melodic vocal sections throughout the entire song so it's hard to go on a journey with the song as i tend to do with music. A breakdown/bridge section would have brought this entire song up a notch for me. Instead we get a musical section devoid of vocals and this, along with the over-extended vocals, really don't give the vocals a chance to shine. All in all i enjoyed the track for what it is, but it needs some tweaks in my opinion. Production is solid throughout and there's some interesting layering going on that could be highlighted a little more either by a simple volume lift or slight eq'ing. 

Ed Cohen

Hi guys, I basically liked the song.  Need to shorten the intro somewhat 33 seconds is too long.  Lead vocal seems to be straining at the top range--harmonies blend in well. Need to add a bridge to expand the idea, and break the monotony of verse/chorus.  The drums need to lay down a strong rhythm...just seem to be floating in the track.  Bass needs to be more prominent as well.
This is a good start...get a good producer onboard to flesh it out..

Jerry Doby

With the bass player and drummer in synch the rest of the crew make a shining example of the sonics an ensemble provide. Live instrumentation also sets this one on a level music lovers crave in a composition.

Dean Merritt submitted media.

Fire Away by Trouble in the Wind

Mike Mineo

Soaring beauty of a sound with a western-y twang and alternative-folk fervor that reminds me fondly of Matthew Sweet and Camera Obscura. "I wanna love you strong like a cowboy junkie song," is a captivating, effective line that successfully delivers the message of this yearning love song, the genuine feelings even further propelled by the twangy guitar solo around the two-minute mark. There's nothing to fault about this track; it's to-the-point and simple in its structure, but lovingly so -- it's anthemic and moving in its melody and message, a very commendable work. I'll be posting it on Obscure Sound in the near future for sure. Also feel free to reach out to me at if in need of PR help -- I can provide rates and success stories upon request. Thanks again for the great submission -Mike