Luis Bonilla

Luis Bonilla

Luis Bonilla

Im here only to network for my band THE VON
music industry
Delray Beach, FL

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Nature Of The Beast by The Von

Max Schneider

This song is rad! Right off the bat I hear strong influences from The Sword (especially the new record) and Queens of The Stone Age - a huge compliment in my book. 
The guitar work stands out as catchy and intricate without being overly flashy and the track as a whole is chock full of hooks and tasteful dynamics. 
Personally the vocals sounded a tad bit dry in the mix - I think a little more reverb/delay would really make them pop a little more. I also would have loved to hear a full blown, rippin' guitar solo, but I'm really just scratching at straws here to point out anything about this song that isn't perfectly executed and to give some constructive criticism. Overall this fucking rules! Good stuff dudes and I'll definitely keep an eye on what you guys are doing

Jared Losow

There's a definite Queens of The Stone Age meets The Picturebooks meets Thin Lizzy kinda vibe going on here. Really great hooky vocal melodies over a solid rhythm section. I love the guitar work; it complements the vocals perfectly, never getting in the way...providing a supporting role when necessary and stepping into center stage when the song calls for it. Really great job here!

It's my experience that labels like to see a band that is ready to work. Digging the music is obviously #1, but it speaks volumes to see a band that is already active on social media, touring (even within a region), and trying to make things happen on their own. You guys seem to have all of the above, plus some great looking products and artwork going on. Keep pursuing the labels, but also keep the DIY thing going. 

Some label targets I'd recommend: RidingEasy Records, Razor and Tie, Dine Alone Records. Start interacting with bands on their label if you can. Nab opening spots when they come to town if you can. Research who does PR for some of their acts and, if you can afford it, hire them for a campaign. 

Thank you for submitting and best of luck to you guys!

Andrea Young

Artwork is clever, intriguing and I think represents the track really well.  I like the track.  It's not quite my style, I'm not sure I  have a place for it myself.  But well done in composition, production, arrangement, performance, and I'd think it could be a good fit on the heavy metal/hard rock stations (on Sirius for ex).  Are you performing live?  Couldn't find it on your website or social media, which by the way, are developing nicely, and if you're 'looking for a label', while that's not the deciding factor, its important to show you have a following.   I'd suggest researching labels that represent the type of music you play and approaching them, while you're working the heck out of releasing new material and playing live as much as possible.  Hope that's helpful, thanks very  much for your submission, good luck with your music!

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed this song and found it to have a great groove, infectious vocals and an overall strong vibe. The cover art is quite eye-catching and perfectly complements the sound you've got going on. I would suggest adding links to your official music video that I came across with your Fluence submission and putting your music on Bandcamp for some extra exposure. I imagine this is music that really needs to be seen / heard live to capture the energy of the band so playing out and touring like you plan is definitely your next best step. Try to get on bills with established bands so you can play in front of the right people / fans and keep up the good work. I think this is something some radio rock oriented labels could be interested in. 

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