Jamie Ervay

Jamie Ervay

Jamie Ervay

Singer/Songwriter/Drummer. Currently accepting offers of pizza and money.
music industry, technology, graphic design, songwriting, film / video
music, art, film, technology, partying

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Feeding The Monster by Jamie Ervay

Victor Salazar

The single guitar sound throughout the song seems like it has too much gain for a "clean" sound.  In my honest opinion, I would either crunch it up or make it completely clean.  Being in the middle ground makes it feel like it is out of place.  Other than that, this is an excellent song.  All the instruments mesh well.  The drum accent the beat beautifully and the structure overall is well done.  Awesome job, Jamie!

Leks Maltby

On "Feeding The Monster" by Jamie Ervay, fans are treated to three-and-a-half minutes of pure hard rock glory. Shredding power chords and opeartic vocals in the chorus abound, all the while pummeling drums propel the song forward. The playing is not overly technical, but it is extremely tight at all times, with clean and crisp production that allows every instrumental track to share the spotlight. The guitar solo in the song's third quarter is a subtle masterpiece, creeping out from beneath the vocal track and ultimately exploding to the forefront of the mix. Overall a catchy, memorable hard rock song that will not soon leave your brain!