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Jared King

Jared King

Crystal Cities

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Good Life

CRYSTAL CITIES was born from the ashes alt pop rock band, Jefferson. After burning an effigy of themselves they rebirthed as Crystal Cities!
Crystal Cities is a fresh take on the melodic pop that Geoff Rana writes. The band is letting the music breath without overplaying and trying to prove their musicality plus letting Geoff’s vocal register do his thing.
‘Good Life’ oozes with dreamy vocals and lush, psychedelic textures, that’s reminiscent of 80's Manchester scene that saw the birth of amazing bands such as The Stone Roses and The Charlatans.
The recording process was a proper garage recording – yep it was recorded in a garage. The garage - umm studio is called Bamm Bamm Wolfgang and the boys laid down the single with modest gear, which made it fun and stress free.
If you listen carefully in the outro you may be able to hear one of the boys girlfriends speaking German!
Keep an eye out as the band prepares to take on the road and a venue near you.
Crystal cities are Geoff Rana, Jared King and Daniel Conte.





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Shamal Ranasinghe

Thank you for sending this to me. I listened to it a couple times and definitely was feeling the groove. I liked the video too as it took me to a place where I could feel. Nice work. Reach out to me at Pandora. I want to make sure our AUS/NZ stations play your wonderful music.