Lars-Ingar Bragvin Andresen

Lars-Ingar Bragvin Andresen

Lars-Ingar Bragvin Andresen

PR Norway / Manager / Label Owner
Oslo based manager and PR for Astronaut., representing some of the most exciting norwegian acts for the future. Background in music marketing and production, expertise in songwriting. Also involved in artist photography and session-filming in Oslo.
artist management, music promotion, social media marketing, photography, film / video
indie pop, singer/songwriter, americana, indie folk

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Too Weak by Kristian Grostad

(Pesci) Jeff Gray

This is confident, solid indiepop exactly as described.  If you're coming to Los Angeles please contact us at for performance on our industry broadcast.  please send high quality audio to for consideration to play on air as well.   I'll see about forwarding this to other music supervisors in my network as well 

Ray Ricky Rivera

First impression: Good song, well produced and very polished. Honestly, there wasn't anything that jumped out at me that would get me excited. Although the production is good, the song is very "safe" and very "cookie cutter" in my honest opinion. I definitely could see this ending up on rotation for KCRW in Los Angeles.

I recommend sending this to Position Music ( They have similar artists on their roster and they do well with licensing and placements. 
Also, get it to Jason Bentley @ KCRW and Ariana Morgenstern who does, "Today's Top Tune" on KCRW. 
Definitely target the American college radio market. Check out the National Association For Campus Activities. It's a great way to break into the college market. 

Robal Johnson

Really diggin this tune, man. Great alt-country / indie rock jam. Strong vocals, tight riffs, chugging groove. The guitar work is quite impressive and I kinda wish there was a bit more. Kudos to the producer, as well. The song has a full sound that you just don't hear often enough these days. I would love to hear more about the artist, more music, and what is in store for the future. Thank you so much for sharing and feel free to holler any time. Cheers.