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David Newell

David Newell

See you soon under the moon.
San Luis Obispo, CA

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Calling Me by Midnight Mystery Club

Hugh McIntyre

This was a lot of fun. I loved the 80s vibe, as well as the singer's voice. Good job.

Liane Chan

I found myself wanting to listen to it more each time. Catchy and probably fun to dance to, I think it could be a hit. Sounds very radio friendly too. Great track!

Crystal Johnson

Really dig this one!!! The beat feels good. Vocal are crisp and sound great. The song is well written and the lyrics are easy to catch on to. Well done! 

Adam Hill

I'm really liking this, thanks for sending it over. Loving the big 80's synths, neo-disco groove and the hook is fantastic. I'm definitely going to try and make time to write about this on the sight.

Judging by the number of plays you've already had and your comments about radio support etc, I'm not sure what more advice I can give you about promoting your music. Take a look on Hype Machine, find sites that write about similar bands (The Explorers for example) and hit them up for some more coverage.  Hype Machine is a great place to get people listening and labels like to look at acts that do well on there.

Tyler Martin

- very catchy
- the song starts strong
- vocals mix nicely 
- chorus has great blend between catchy and trance-y 
- you should think about creating a music videos, or at least some sort of visuals for this song
- bridge works perfectly with the song, love how it calms down
- bridge also builds up very nicely into final chorus
- great track overall, would love to hear more 

David Newell submitted media.

Run by Midnight Mystery Club

Mike Mineo

Great nocturnal vibe led by the flickering synths and high-presence vocals, which reminds me of Phil Collins circa "In the Air Tonight". On the hook front, I'm really digging the transition around 01:20 to the central hook - with a great arp accompaniment around 10 seconds later during the phenomenal "after you" hook. The track accomplishes enthralling infectiousness in the first two minutes, with the second half finding an enhanced bass line adding to the already-great feel well. The final minute soars especially with, with the hand-clap percussion around 03:15 adding even more life to the uplifted vocals, which near falsetto range in accomplishing this very successful finale (which has great synth arp and guitar interplay). Fantastic track! I'll be posting on OS in the near future, for sure. Also feel free to send me an email at mike@obscuresound.com if you're interested in help with PR; I can send my service's rate and success stories upon request. Thanks for the submission! -Mike

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