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The Modern Electric
The Modern Electric are the next great American rock band. They are driven by the feeling that time is running out; that it is crucial to express what really matters to loved ones before it is too late. They believe that honest, authentic songwriting has the power to articulate emotions that words cannot. Inspired as much by classic cinema as they are David Bowie and ELO, they’ve coined the genre “cinematic rock” to describe their powerful piano-charged sound. Each richly-orchestrated pop symphony is led by a voice that has no comparison; a unique vibrato saturated in soul and sensitivity.

Their latest album “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” produced by Mike McCarthy (Spoon, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead), is being called “a movie for the ears”, “widescreen pop.” Like a coming of age story about chasing crushes, surviving loneliness, and finding close friends, it is timeless in its scope and undeniably contagious in its melodic focus. Writing and directing a short film to accompany each track on the album, the band has set themselves apart as true auteurs of rock n’ roll – ambitious filmmakers as well as visceral songwriters.

They’ve brought their epic live show across the Midwest and to festivals such as SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon, and WMC after being awarded “Band of the Year” and “Album of the Year” in their hometown of Cleveland, OH. The Modern Electric aren’t creating songs that mimic the trendy sounds of the year. They are creating the kind of songs that are put on mixtapes for loved ones; songs that memories are made to. These are the kind of songs that become the soundtrack to a person’s life.
Cleveland, OH

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All We Have Is Now by The Modern Electric

SD Hox

I like this track and I think this band has a lot of potential. Great vocals and an interesting mix make the song memorable. The production values are high and the song has a really, fresh, contemporary sound while still paying tribute to a more classic rock sound. Great job and I'll be including in upcoming playlists and will share with my followers. Thanks!

Robal Johnson

I really dig this track, boys. It has a chugging backbeat, killer vox, and beautiful orchestration. I love the keys and the hook is fire. My only complaint is its lack of fluidity at parts. While I do enjoy the stop start production at times, occasionally the song sounds a bit choppy like it was cut and pasted together. I absolutely love the different stages of the tune because I feel that it builds quite well. Just wish it was always moving forward. Other than that, this is a scorcher. With a bit of work I think this could be a big song for you guys. I would love to hear more. Feel free to email me a bit more about the band and what you have coming up the pipeline. I am happy to help in any way I can. Best of luck and look forward to catching up.