Matt Ogilvie

Matt Ogilvie

Matt Ogilvie

Photographer, Blogger, Artist Manager
25 year old entrepreneur living in New York City. Matt O is the founder of and a freelance photographer & videographer. His passion for music (hip-hop mostly) has driven him to help upcoming artists get the exposure they need whether it's through consulting, digital marketing, blogging, videos, photos, etc.
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rap, hip-hop, r&b, film / video, photography
New York, NY

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Nice and Loud

Hook is very good.  Tone is his voice is good.  Production needs work though.  The track is monotonous instead of being constructed into a song format

Jerry Doby

Straight to the point pulling hole cards! It's what you are doing not what you are about to do. That's a real truth. Sonically on point as well

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