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Patrick Mc Eleney

Patrick Mc Eleney

Patrick Mc Eleney
Patrick Mc Eleney grew up in Donegal watching the Atlantic tides come and go. The passing of time, much like song writing, has forever been on his mind. Over the years, he has travelled, collecting words, sketching melodies and experiencing life. Growing, learning, hurting and healing.

You can hear it in his voice. The introverted honesty he quietly asserts feels colossal in its weight while impossibly intimate in his delivery. He uses piano, guitar, strings, cuatro and other instruments he’s acquired along the way. For the last few years he has pushed himself to arrange and record them while forcing himself to rise above the deafening self-doubt.

“This song punched me in the gut… I was a bit of a mess when I first heard this track”- Andrea Madden, Music supervisor for Made in Chelsea (on the song ‘Everything changes with you’)

“These lyrics are so raw and relatable, they are incredible. You have a brilliantly sensitive way of expressing emotions that are very difficult to describe” – SongDoor International song competition team (on the song ‘Nervous’)

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Andrea Young

HI Patrick, your name sounded familiar on the submit but I listened to the track without reading your description first.  I think you've done a great job continuing to work on your vocals.  The song has a melancholy air that quite suits your voice, the tones of your vocals, and your style in the video too.  Amazingly clear sound for a live performance!   It's a sound that is really unique and might be an acquired taste. And I very much like it.  Send a high quality mp3 to with 'Fluence Request - Artist Name - Track Title' in the subject of the email and I'll look to include on shows and playlists.   Thanks for your submission and good luck with your music!  I hope if you are releasing tracks soon, that you have set aside a promotional budget besides a recording budget, very important in my opinion, in order to get some exposure.

Alex Stillhead

Hey Patrick!

This is beautiful. The animated scores is actually not something I've seen before, and I think it's cool (as someone who used to be able to sight-read it's nice to see) - The lyrical inclusion also, of course, helps highlight your vocal content which I like, since your unique vocal delivery might be lost on some people. I like the style of your vocals, but you may find (in general) that it's a bit of a Marmite approach - some people will really warm to it, but some may find it harder to get into.

The video is great - the only thing I found myself less keen on was some of the areas of the video felt like they had been over-sharpened (or some sort of sharpening-edges effect filter) - mostly on the brick wall. I wasn't sure about having the lyrics super-imposed onto elements in the video either - I think (and I might be more boring in that respect) if it were up to me I'd have kept them in one place throughout, but I can absolutely see your thinking behind it.

Song-wise I think it's great - it's hard for me to feed back from a song-writing point of view, since my expertise is more in the electronic realm, but the appeal of the singer-songwriter style is there for me - the piano and cello are well played, and the recording quality is absolutely acceptable here.

One production-related thing I'd say is, if I was producing the track, I'd want to put more reverb on the cello, so it didn't feel so close in the mix - I think there's a danger that it takes over at points, and as nice an instrument as it is, this song is about you and the piano - and I think with a bit of reverb, the cello would sit a little further back in the mix (maybe volume down a touch) and it would feel a little smoother too. This may be a style choice however, since it might end up creating a completely different effect.

Really enjoyable though - and a nice treat to wake up to this morning, thank you! :)

Patrick Mc Eleney submitted media.

I do what I do by Patrick Mc Eleney

Andrea Young

Love this Ready To Roll initiative, what a fabulous idea.  And lots to love here.  Vocal tone, guitar, melody and production all right on and unexpectedly (given the simple production values) ready for playlists and shows.  What stops me is I can't understand the lyrics on the vocals, and they're a bit mumbly besides, its just a bit too far out for me to play.  Also would like the song to be a bit longer.  Love the video, just the right mix of studio footage and street scenes.  Solid solid effort. Hope that's helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.  

Kevin Hugger

What a story, so kudos Patrick on achieving so much in such little time. The result is an intimate listen with vocals that are certainly unique, bubbling along like another instrument in their quietly accomplished way. The whole piece has a beautiful inner calm and the melody is hypnotic in an unhurried and efficient way. The song sounds vaguely familiar but that might be just because Patrick sounds so comfortable dispatching it and I’d hazard a guess that he spent many hours honing this composition before he finally got his time in the studio. This is a stellar achievement and should give this singer all the confidence he needs to continue producing more little nuggets like ‘I Do What I Do’.