Gary Scully

Gary Scully

Gary Scully

Indie/electro band from Ireland. New album, Music is a weapon, due out November. Single, Monster in me, just after being released.

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Jared Losow

Always good to have a unique video to kick off an album cycle. If you can create more great visual assets like this, you should definitely do so. It makes press that much easier to get.

Sonically, I think you could stand to play around with some different timbres and production. The combo of basic synth drums, strings and piano just comes off a little especially since the music itself isn't exactly reinventing the wheel. The song title and subject matter would go great with some weird, murky production along the lines of Portishead, Morcheeba, Massive Attack etc.

Thanks for sharing and best of luck!

Bob Lugowe

Really good song and video accompaniment to go with it. I really like the band name and the digital single cover that you released with this. You should include in the description and the youtube description when the new album is going to be released so people can anticipate it. Also, try using youtube cards instead of annotations for a much cleaner presentation to promote the new record and link to the digital single. I would suggest including information about the band in your Fluence description too plus links to your social media so listeners can find out more information about you. Releasing a unique music video is always a great way to start an album campaign so make sure you keep releasing additional singles and get your music out to as many relevant blogs, radio stations, influencers etc. If you're not using a publicist, consider hiring one. Best of luck. 

Andrea Young

The music was very different from what I expected from the thumbnail representing the submission and your  name (Wolfkids) -- I was expecting some hard core rock.   Something of a disconnect for me between the music and the video for me.  However the video is truly inventive and creative, a work of art, loved the style of it.  Vocals are right onas well!  I don't know I have a place for the song but I appreciate it just the same.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music and your art.  

Kevin Hugger

Great to see a new band with Wolf in the title, been a while. And Wolfkids don’t let the side down with an atmospheric, and at times vaudeville inspired, and mournful number that has at its core a beautiful ethereal vocal. ‘Monster In Me’ has genuine heart but it is one that is damaged, fighting for a time when it can be full again. That the band can translate this note perfect anguish is to their credit and with the biggest fright night on the horizon this could prove a boon for this song and promo vid. This never came across like it was put on or acted out, this is music that felt like it was played as events were unfolding before the participant’s very eyes.  Perceptive as songs get. 

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