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Promise by Specks Gomez

Robal Johnson

I really dig this track, guys. Great vox, tight beats, and strong production. I love the chill vibe and the hook is good. There are a few too many sound effects for my taste, but of course that adds to its uniqueness. I hear a bit of The Postal Service in here, which is a huge plus in my book. I think this has some pop potential and I believe your songwriting is worth taking notice. I would tighten it up to around the 3-3.5 minute mark, as it is a bit too long and a shortened version might make the chorus pop a bit more. Please feel free to email me some more tracks and any live videos you have would be helpful. Definitely want to hear more and would like to learn a bit more about your project. Thank you so much for sharing. Cheers. 

Mike Mineo

Stylistic success, for sure. Warbled beginnings are uplifted infectiously by the percussive push at 00:18, the sonorous vocals and squiggly synths projecting an otherworldly yet serene feel that reminds me of Todd Rundgren's A Wizard, a True Star -- of course, with a sleek more contemporary pop charm, yet atmospherically spacey and playful synth-pop/rock interplay nonetheless. Crystally synth droplets at 02:10 combining with swelling backing synth pad shows some wonderfully majestic production work, the clap-laden percussion 20 seconds later helping further uplift this great hook. It's a well-maneuvered melodic moment that helps cap the following final minute off nicely, with the fading guitar work providing a caressing conclusion. Nice work and captured atmosphere. I'll look to post on OS in the near future. Also feel free to reach out to me at if ever in need of a hand with PR. I can send my rate and success stories upon request. Either way, thanks for the submission! -Mike

Bob Lugowe

Enjoyable stuff, I feel this is a sound that is very contemporary and you guys do a good job at it. The short bio gave me a chuckle and represents the sound well. Song has a bit of The Weeknd vibe filtered through an indie lens. Vocals during the verse remind me a bit of Destroyer. Definitely consider hiring a publicist to push your upcoming EP if you haven't already if you're trying to reach a wider audience and consider making a music video or two off the release to promote it even further. Best of luck. 

Brian Hazard

Love your mini-bio! It's funny and accurate at the same time.

My initial thought is that the vocals could use de-essing! "I'm flush with dreams" has lots of sibilance built in, and it can be really biting.

Next up, the mastering is super aggressive, unnecessarily. You could back it off 2-3 dB and still be louder than most stuff out there. It'll make for a much more enjoyable listen. The kick will punch through in a satisfying way, rather than how it's currently muted and pillowy.

As for the song itself, I love it! Thanks for including the lyrics. I'm hearing some James Blake, some SBTRKT, but then you've got that folky thing in there too which compliments it really well.

I'd just like to hear a little more warmth from the mix, a little less in-your-face. It's not your style.

Regardless, I'm happy to share it! I've already reposted it on SoundCloud and I'll tweet out a link this week. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Andrea Young

Like this alot.  Great songwriting, both lyrically and musically.  Engaging vocals and arrangement.  And gotta love your description, 'Spacy folk-pop with R&B influence'.  Send a high quality mp3 to me with 'Artist Name - Track Name - Fluence Request' in the subject of the email, to, and I'll find a place for it on playlists and shows.  If you're going to keep at it, I'd recommend online presence as one entity rather than two, that's more difficult to track and support. Thanks for your submission, good luck to you both with your music!

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