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Jay Clark

Jay Clark

Southern Rock
I started as a solo artist writing songs in the southern rock genre.  I wrote a bunch of great rock/country-ish songs and recorded them in Nashville with professional session musicians.  I went home and nothing happened so I put a band together and we played a few shows.  Everyone wants to hear cover songs.  I want to play my own music.  I keep writing and am about to release my third album.  This one leans more to the rock genre. I have learned a lot through this process and the biggest take away is that its my dream and no one can stop me from chasing it.
Cincinnati, OH

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You're Going Down by Jay Clark

Wiley Koepp

Good riff, solid production. The sound is pretty straightforward rock but with slightly different production treatment I could see this song making some noise amongst today's country music fans--both the vibe and lyrics are better than 'new country', but also embody sentiment of a lot of the songs in the genre. The subject matter is certainly relatable to many.

While I get the anger and disappointment that inspired the song, with today's climate of workplace violence it may be too soon for lyrics like "It’s revenge that’s on my mind . . . make them pay . . . I take no prisoners . . . I’m coming back." Depending on the circumstances, I could see some companies pursuing avenues of terroristic threat charges. But then again, Dixie Chicks had "Goodbye Earl" and that did pretty well for them despite causing a ruckus over making light of homicide (however justifiable it was). Anyhow, I'd recommend positioning this song in country realms and seeing how it's received.

Lauren Gribble

Hi Jay! 

I loved the song and how you channeled something that was negative into something positive. The guitars were sounding great too and the lyrics were well written. I would love to hear more of your songs, so send them my way when you have them. 




I think this is a solid song.  Strong vocals, clean sound.  It works. I like it

Leks Maltby

On "You're Going Down" by Jay Clark, the self-styled country-tinged classic rocker delivers just shy of four minutes of well-directed fury. Riffs reign supreme here, pulling the listener in and taking them on a journey down a winding unknown road full of surprise twists and turns. The lyrical content here is pretty standard fare, but the true highlight is the musicianship on display. Case and point, the blistering guitar solo that comes out of left-field like a surprise smack to the face that stings in all the right ways. If this is the first taste of what Jay Clark has to offer, I'm ready for seconds!

Robal Johnson

This is a cool song. I dig the riffs and I dig your style. It has an outlaw country vibe with a rock n roll groove. Your vocals are strong and the words feel like they really mean something. I like the story behind the tune, as well. You have an authenticity that is rare in today's music. I think the song has a lot of potential, but it needs work. The production needs to be tightened up a bit and it definitely needs to be mixed better. The chorus is infectious, but needs to pop a bit more. It could be a cool anthem style hook if it really explodes. I hope you are gigging in country style rock bars and clubs. Get out there and build your audience organically. Play, play, play, and play some more. I definitely hear your talent, now you need to grow a fan base. Keep writing songs like this and keep making them better. Thanks for sharing. Cheers. 

Chris Heintz

Starting out thank you for reaching out and submitting Jay. 

First and foremost the mix sounds like a solid studio demo mix. Good space between all of the frequencies of the instruments and everything sounds clean, crisp and clear. There is some solid musicianship shown within the backing track and the arrangement keeps things pushing along nicely. I like the guitar solo towards the end to add some dimension to the track overall. I wouldn’t say I’m blown away by the vocal performance, lyrics or the record overall, but I could definitely see this working well for TV/Film licensing/synch opportunities. Get in touch with a good Music Supervisor to pitch your songs to. I hope this helps thanks!

Benjamin Groff

Hey Jay Clark band.  First thanks for the submission.  Secondly, I naturally really do like this track!  Song is really strong, great vocals, great production, great American rock - in a classic rock way but still 2020.  Only thing is as much as I love rock, i don't really work that much in it from a blogging or publishing or label perspective.  Unfortunately, I'm just finding it really hard to find outlets to and pockets of the web and Spotify, even Soundcloud and even blogs etc that can help support early rock artists...where in EDM or Hip Hop you have much more communities on line.   Have you looked at Submit Hub?  That might be a way to go and I've had some records gain traction that way.  I've also found YouTube promoted videos through Ad Words to  be really helpful and super useful getting music targeted to the right people and seeing if something can gain traction.  At the end of the day it's about continuing to release quality work and consistency and having one of those light up and lifting all boats.  Sounds like you're on your way.    

Indie Band Guru

good straight-up rock n roll. Excellent guitar work. 

Johnny Ramirez

Great music! Great vocals- would love to see the video! 

Alan Cross

Good. Channel your rage into something creative. No notes from me about songwriting, performance or production. I do have some questions, though.

1.  What are your career goals? Radio play? Recording? Licensing and syncs? Income from a publishing deal? Soundtracks? Just having fun? All these paths need to be investigated. 

2. How will this be marketed? Alt? Straight rock? This could also work as new country That decision will impact on how the song will be received.

3. Your social media strategy will be key. Make sure that you reply to every comment that may come in. Turn early fans into evangelists, especially the ones who contributed to this video. Get them to spread the word.  This is exactly what happened with Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Jade Bird.

4. If you don't already, get someone to handle getting your material on streaming music services, especially someone who knows how to get your songs on the best and music influential new music/new discovery playlists. They're becoming increasingly important. Ask Drake what it's like to benefit from clever playlist placement. 

5. Make friends with as many bloggers as possible. Even the smallest want to think that they can discover The Next Big Thing. Every little bit of coverage helps.

6. Want to know if you have a true hit? If people are raving about you, saying that "You GOTTA hear this song," then you're onto something. If that reaction is absent, a re-think is required.

7. If the budget allows, see if you can get something up on YouTube, even if it's just a lyric video. That's still the biggest platform for music discovery.

Let me spread this to my social networks. That'll be good for at least 100,000 people. 

Bob Lugowe

Good, honest, raw song that captures the emotions of what you went through. I would suggest including links to hear more of your music with your Fluence submission along with a brief bio about you as an artist. If you're looking just to promote your music, I'd suggest considering making a music video and hiring a publicist to work your next album and single. Make sure you're using the spotify pitch tool for playlisting and sign up for Apple Music for Artists as well. This music sounds best in a live setting so I'd suggest gigging as much as you can, starting regionally and ideally opening for bigger acts then perhaps doing a tour. Consider printing some physical merch if you have a fanbase too in order to help build buzz. Best of luck!

Jay Clark submitted media.

Vickye Fisher

This song slots in fairly well with other dirty Southern rock songs of its ilk musically, and the rough production coupled with those ringing guitar riffs will feel right at home among fans of that kind of music. At times I wonder if it could be mixed a little better, but it's true that this genre of music lends itself to a more 'imperfect' recording.
The duet is a good idea, and Adam's certainly a great choice of vocalist, but despite the lightness/darkness in tones it can become confusing as a narrative if only listened to casually. There are a lot of lyrics and a lot of back and forth for a relatively simple tale, and I think you could cut out the first couple of stanzas as they don't really add to the story. I think you need to start with the bank robbery, and perhaps during these times it would be topical to touch on the subject of police brutality and shoot-to-kill, particularly as you use the criminal's verses to cast a light of empathy on his actions.

It's a good start but it needs to be reworked a bit before it can be really great.

Johnny Ramirez

Great southern rock song! Loved the trade off with the two vocals and this song just has feel good written all over it! Smash Hit cant wait to hear more! 

Indie Band Guru

Very pretty guitar work that builds into an all out rocker.  Vocals are strong with a gravelly relatability.  In my opinion you may be able to lose averse or 2 as it seems to repeat a little bit.  The solo/bridge does help prevent it going stale though.  Good song

Jay Clark submitted media.

Get Wild by Jay Clark Band

Alan Cross

This is an excellent demo. I'd be interested to see what a big-name producer might do with the recording and the arrangement, especially with the guitars. (Double them for extra thickness through the chorus?) 

Solid country-rock. 

Vickye Fisher

The riff and guitar work in general on this track is one of the best things about it. It typifies that Southern rock, rough-and-ready, late night bars and dives sound, with the professional but unpolished production serving it well. The vocals are okay, nothing special but they do the job the song requires of them, and while the lyrics aren't the most inspired, the context outlined above admittedly isn't known for its inspiring lyricism. It provides a soundtrack to drinking and getting rowdy among the blue collar, working class communities of America. I don't think the song will do much beyond local and regional zones on the independent touring circuit, but it is fit for purpose and I think revelers will enjoy it.

Ed Cohen

Good song, well arranged, backup vocals get you extra points, driving guitar work, well recorded...what more can I say?  Loved it.

Jay Clark submitted media.


C Bret Campbell

This really rocks! It seems the southern rock sound is coming back and you're kicking it right in the backside!
I reckon you're speaking for 100s of thousands, Jay... Got room on the bus for one more? My wife says she could stand a quiet spell  ;)
I'll spread this one around for you a bit after work

Mee 丰

You should be proud of yourself. Excellent song, fantastic musicianship / production. While it's not totally down my own alley, I've passed your Soundcloud link to a BBC Radio DJ in the UK who I think may enjoy this. Good luck!

Bob Lugowe

This is a well-written, enjoyable song that is the right mix of rock, blues and country. The lyrics are honest and the description you provided adds to the appeal of this track. I think your artwork could look a bit more professional if you are trying to take things to the next level. I would suggest taking official press photos as well and considering hiring a publicist for your next release if so. This music sounds like it would translate really well live so consider playing out locally and regionally with other established acts. Best of luck and kudos for playing good, honest rock n' roll. 

Tyler Martin

- really like the tune
- catchy, and tells a good story
- have you released a music video, that could be a good next step
- on Soundcloud and other social media try commenting on similar artists content or things relatable to your music. This may lead people to your page. 
- recordings sound great, I think going to Nashville to make it paid off
- i hope what your singing about in this song comes true
- definitely going to check out more of the tunes 
- sorry for the late feedback

Vickye Fisher

Another track firmly within the Southern Rock vein, specifically with a classic, throwback feel. This is a tried and tested formula over the years, and will no doubt work well within a set of other rough honky-tonk songs in bars and dives. The lyrics have a strong message to them and are an improvement on the previous track submitted, but it is rather a well-worn narrative and it sticks unfailingly to cliches. The phrasing on the chorus especially is clunky and needs to be revised to allow it to flow better, especially seeing as it's the hook that will draw people in. The vocals also are just 'okay' - not bad, and serve their purpose. Unfortunately at this point in time the song is a little forgettable, but the promise is there with the production and arrangement, and with some revision I'm sure it could be a fan favorite on a regional scale.

Indie Band Guru

Love the realism of the vocals.  Many people I know can relate to this.  The emotions are out there for everyone to hear.  Keep driving forward, it is never too late to live your passion.

Matthew Linsky

Nice steady intro riff, but the opening vox are a bit busy - seems like the phrsing is more fit for the chorus and can have some motif-laden dynamics leading into a big reveal. 

I like the ethos of this song, it captures the old school troubadour vibe without sounding overdone. That being said, it could use a little extra personification: a more edgy guitar tone, added instrumentation... ohhh a pedal steel! That'd sound great here.

Production value was tight. Solid mix, good master. This is a tough one for prominent synchs though, as the vox are a little busy. 

All in all, it's a nice tune.

Alan Cross

Love me a good road song. I can't find anything to critique about the song, the performance, the arrangement or recording. As far as I can tell, this is pretty much radio-ready. 

The next thing is to find yourself a radio plugger and publicist to help you cut through all the noise and find the right ears for your song. 

Also consider getting something--anything!--on YouTube because of the high music discovery potential. You want to be everywhere your potential audience is.  Even a lyric video would be fine.

What about music supervisors? A song like this might fit in a certain type of TV show, movie or ad.  Anything to get the word out.

Finally, what about peddling the song to an established performer? I can see Zac Brown-like bands performing this.

Good luck! I'll give it some exposure through my social media outlets. That's good for about 150,000 peope.

Andrea Young

Love the vocal tones on this.  The song doesn't resonate with us, but solid production and arrangement values in that good old southern rock style (which we love).  Lots of great energy!  Just a bit more intense than we like to feature.  We'd suggest that you might research some southern rock and roll playlists to approach, you might gain traction there.  We looked around a bit for a mellower track but they were all fairly high energy like this one.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!