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Pretty As A Picture by Freddy Beach

Jacob Nathan

Cute intro - perfect length! At around the 01:00 it starts feeling a little repetitive - the bridge could come in a bit earlier. 

By 02:37 or so, I'm ready to move on. I don't care for the instrumental section here - I think that you have enough space around your vocal components to snip this down. The song really feels long on the way out.

Lyrics are clever but remain pretty general (that's a good thing!) Since there's a fair bit of repetition throughout the song (same phrase over again) I think that structurally you might want to consider rearranging it so the bridge comes in and can add to the 'build' of the song. 

You have really good parts here, but you gotta finesse it a bit. Let me distill this a bit:

1. The song is too long.
2. You need to refine the crescendo - I like the bridge, but you might need to put it behind the second verse and find a different way to sustain energy between v1 and v2. Definitely need to punch it up. 
3. The outro really goes on for a long time. 

This is a 60s style pop song - look at the length of those tunes. 2:00 to 2:30 are the longest ones. I'm not sure if it serves the song (which is really catchy and fun) to have it play this long. 

Great job, very professional production, nice vocals and I'd look forward to hearing more.

Eric Hillebrecht

Well you came to the right place!

When it comes to surf pop, rock, etc I am instantly transported to the beach and I love that. Being a huge fan of a band called The Elwins, young Rival, and little joy this music really speaks to me and I feel like you did a great job here. 

It seems effortless, natural, and on point for the genre. I like the mix of the sunny vibe, great backing vocals, and almost a "Lou Reed" style delivery at times. It really gives the track a ton of personality. The lyrics are great too.

My only comment on the track would be arrangement (and this always feels a little weird since I am assuming it is finished, but I always want to offer my thoughts) is that the track could use a bridge. I don't believe music needs to be formulaic, but as a listener, at 4 minutes duration, I want a bit of a deviation from the A/B structure. It could be simply dropping down to just drums and backing vocals for 16 bars, or writing a C section that deviates from the chord structure and established melody. Something to just reset the listeners attention is always powerful.

One other note, is i love the outro vibe where it drops down to just bass and drums etc.. Really has a Foster The People "Pumped Up Kicks" vibe. I feel like that would have been cool to use in the front as an intro. You could have book end the track with that as an intro and an outro. Such a cool part of the song it could have been nice to establish it early and then revisit for the outro.

Other then those minor critiques it is a great tune and tru to the genre. I'd happily pitch this via my company and I'd love to hear more. Get in touch here or via my company site.

By The way, love N'orlens. The "All That JAzz" sandwhich at Verti Marte is my go to.

Noelle Micarelli submitted media.

On My Way To You by Noelle Micarelli

Eric Hillebrecht

Hi. Thanks for sending this along. I really dig it.

Very honest, pure, whimsical, and heartfelt. It reminds me of some artists I work with an admire such as Mindy Gledhill, Elizabeth and The Catapult, and even the Moldy Peaches and The Juno soundtrack in its tone and approach. Great instrumentation, and the vocals feel right on this.

Overall, great track. My comments would be it could stand to be longer (cause i want to hear more!). That being said, music is allowed to be any length, but i would love to hear more of this through a bit more of a developed arrangement to feel more like a complete song. Basically, i dig the song and want more.

It feels like in this track you have established a solid melody and lyrics, and an additional section would be great to hear, either developing a chorus, or even taking the B section or "Bridge" at 50 seconds could work as verses. 

Not to get into too much detail and try to arrange your song, but i think with what you have established, a more complete song is not far off. Leaving it short is ok as well. Sometimes short and to the point has its charm as well. The track just had the "arrangement" part of my brain kicking in. 

Minor thing. There is lots of string noise, fret noise, and pickup noise, which bothers some producers, but for me, it adds to the purity and human feel of this track. I dig it, but i thought I'd mention that as well.

So my criticisms above are not really criticisms, but advice to a talented person with a great track and my advice  on taking it to the next level (or just to consider for future tracks you do). What you have is fantastic and if left as is this track is a winner. (I even think i could work with this track with my company)

Thanks for sending.

Robal Johnson

This is super quirky and super cute. Great voice and smart lyrics. The tune is catchy and concise. The instrument is very unique and adds a worldly vibe with its own character. You should definitely be gigging in that realm - NPR, college radio, local radio affiliates and clubs that play thoughtful artists with a global sound. I would be reaching out to cafes and shops that cater to that crowd and pitch for airplay, interviews, performances, etc. I think you have a sweet talent that could find a comfortable niche in the long tail of today's music business. Best of luck and hope to hear more soon! Cheers. 

Noelle Micarelli submitted media.

Going Home (Song for Kara) by Noelle Micarelli

Kristin Pedderson

All in all a very nice song, with vocals and production.  We would be interested in listening to more tracks on the collection to see if they are strong. Would you send a link to stream a few more songs? You can send to 

Nate Maingard

Instant love! Delightful melodies, vocals, lyrics and instrumentation. Wistful, dreamy, drifting. 

Nothing gets me quite like lyrical folk music. 

Feels like this would suit a sweet romance or road-trip scene in a movie :).

I don't have anything to add, I'll share this with pleasure

Noelle Micarelli submitted media.

Comic Book Girl by Noelle Micarelli

Bree Noble

Fun and upbeat, quirky and catchy. We'd be happy to play your song on WOS Radio & Podcast. If you'd like airplay, please PM us on Fluence and we'll give you an email to send your mp3.

Andrea Young

Love the songwriting.  This isn't quite our style, its a mix of acoustic singer-songwriter with an arrangement  that takes it more into an MOR sound, we'd prefer the former.  Vocals are right on, production values crisp and clean, our ears thank you for that.  Lots of talent here!  Just not quite our style.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

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