Austen Moret

Austen Moret

Austen Moret

Lead singer and songwriter for Midnight Divide and Swiss Holiday (forthcoming project). Music producer in Hollywood, CA. 

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, I'm an honest, hardworking music fanatic who's thankful to be doing what I love full time. 

Favorite bands are: Radiohead, Elbow, TVOTR, Young The Giant and Pinback.
Los Angeles, CA

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Animal Eyes by Midnight Divide

Jen Dan

Wowza, guys!  This is a killer track!!  I was not expecting such a rich and varied composition, even after reading that you blend cinematic rock with electronic elements.  That is an understatement!
You cover so much musical ground here, sonically and historically; what I mean is that I hear not only the rock and electronic genres, but also industrial, disco-pop, and post-punk styles all rolled into one atmospheric, but concise number.
A nocturnal, slightly ominous ambience pervades the tune as the verses lurk in the alleyway before you pounce on the more intense chorus sections.  Great vocals, at first slinking by on the verses and then attacking with fervor on the chorus parts.  And I love the extra higher register, siren-like vocal line that adds a heightened emotive feel.  That's also where I get the disco-pop reference from; maybe it's not intended by you, but the higher vox does project a gloriously shining vibe.
Love the electro touches with reverbed, trippingly quick percussion and also the industrial metal clanking beat that's most prominent at the start of the song.
Ace all around!  :D

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