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Patrick minjeur

Patrick minjeur

Electric Honey
ELECTRIC HONEY is a 5-piece Detroit indie rock band. Their sound is an invigorating mix of hard hitting guitar riffs, rich vocal harmonies, and complex string arrangements by way of violinist Chris Righi and Berklee trained guitarist Evan Gatny. Their high energy shows are full of unpredictable twists and turns; best described by Detroit music journalist Jeff Milo as atmospheric power-pop and "Dave Grohl meets Elvis Costello".  Fronted by Patrick Minjeur, whose unhinged musical style complements the intricate detail driven work done by Gatny, Electric Honey makes for a perfectly balanced Jekyll and Hyde scenario. They have just released their second full length album Primetime Garbage digitally and on vinyl pressed at Third Man in Detroit. A few of the songs have been featured on radio shows such as WDET's Culture Shift with Amanda LeClaire, Modern Music with Jon Moshier, and 93.9 The River's Hear + Now with Dan MacDonald.   

“The local quintet blend intricate art-pop, post-prog, new-wave and space-rock with baroque elements like violin, trumpet, ukulele and a mandolin. Power chords riff with urgent punk aggression into the sweet, sinewy glide of a bow sawing over strings. The vocals are emotive and contemplative, something like Costello-meets-Grohl, while the post-punk and aerodynamic riffs of something like the Pixies might attain headier sophistication of a Radiohead-esque atmosphere.  In fact, Electric Honey's knack, overall, is an atmosphere. It's atmospheric power-pop! It's grunge for the theater. It's new-wave from Neptune...” - Jeff Milo, DeepCutz

“Primetime Garbage is the second release from Detroit five-piece Electric Honey - pressed at Third Man Records. The songs were written specifically for live performance - but the music and production and song structures are unbelievably fascinating, harnessing pop and punk and harmonies and chaos - and giving it all a solid, beautifully cohesive structure. The songs continuously throw curve balls and make left turns - Michigan lefts, of course. Satisfyingly crunchy guitars (The Science), a vocal delivery that could fit right in on albums like Sebadoh's Harmacy or Pavement's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Playing the Part) and guitar solos that are straight up heaven. It's as alternative as Talking Heads and as power pop as Matthew Sweet or Material issue - but it's the delicious plugged in layers and fusion and band synergy that make this record so unbelievably fun to listen to. “The Dark” slides effortlessly into rock opera territory, “Megaphony” is a foot stomping anthem with a Manic guitar solo reminiscent of The Who, Fool with a halo is like Waaves-gets-stranded-in-detroit and wolves at the door is political but never preachy. The album is complex but never pretentious. Accomplished and challenging - yet an effortless listen. Plugged in. Sonic. Harmonic. It is...Electric honey” - Dan MacDonald, Windsor Independent
indie rock, alternative, rock, post punk

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Fool With a Halo by Electric Honey

SD Hox

This is a fun track. Solid vocals and guitar work. Thanks for sharing!

Bob Lugowe

For starters, I'd suggest including a short bio about yourself and links to hear more music in your Fluence description. You can't expect people to seek you out just because they've heard your music, you have to make it as easy as possible for them. Secondly, I'd suggest perhaps making a music video or some sort of visual to go with the track. Looking at your Facebook page, it looks like you're just starting out so my best advice would be to just keep grinding, establishing a fanbase in your city and then region, getting on as many high profile shows in the area as possible, making connections with local industry players (clubs, radio, bookers, etc.) and just grinding it out to create a buzz. it's a competitive world out there so you've got to look, sound and feel like you're the best around to get noticed. Best of luck

Kevin Hugger

You know I admire the way you throw things together, so we get moving parts where you least expect them. There are driving riffs, vocals wheeling away with a grab-bag of words to the wise. It is something akin to an indie rock Tarantino burst of flavours, a jam with a central theme of energetic exuberance. I dig it, like a man might dig his garden and look back proudly after the seeds sown give him a summer view to remember. 

Patrick minjeur submitted media.

The Dark by Electric Honey

Patrick minjeur submitted media.

Electric Honey by Electric Honey

Andrea Young

Really pleasant to listen to.   We like the style and tone of this, reminds us a bit of a simpler King Crimson and other 60s rock/alternative bands.  But it goes on a bit too long for our style, we start to get distracted around 3:15 into the track, and come back to it around 4:45 after the extended bridge.  If you decide to record a 'radio edit' or different mix of this track, would love to hear it.  Will look to hear more from you all, there's so much here that is worthy of further listening!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music. 

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