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Leo Carrillo After Dark by Straw Dogs

Kevin Hugger

First off this is a clever promo, make me smile on several occasions. And on the music front I was reminded of Coventry band Adorable who have disappeared for many years. Those guitars are so tight, riffs buried deep before appearing at the forefront once the vocals seep away. And it is those vocal harmonies that are perhaps the key ingredients, a nod to Cobain but a good deal less coarse. It adds up to quite the anthemic listen, a song that may have been built from the ground up and could be refined even more in a live context. An indie nugget.  

Alan Cross

Finally! A submission from someone who hasn't forsaken big guitars! 

Great video. Excellent song. Fine performance. Critiques? I got nothin'. 

The trip now, however, is to rise above all the noise to get your stuff heard ahead of everyone else. While radio play would be nice, feeding your fans--your most rabid evangelists--is the most important thing you can do right now. Reply to every tweet, every Facebook post, every Instagram picture as soon as they come in. 

Make friends with bloggers, even the smallest ones. They're just dying to brag about discovering the next big thing. Feed them, too.

And if you can, make friends with some of the non-peak time announcers on your favourite radio stations. Many of them are anxious to prove their musical chops to the program director and the music director by walking The Nezt Big Thing into their offices.

And you're on Spotify, right?. Google Play? Apple Music?  Good.

I'll Facebook and tweet this out through my channels. That'll be work about 100,000 people. Good luck!