Tommy Dadmun

Tommy Dadmun

Tommy Dadmun

In My Car is an indie-rock type band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is the music of Tommy Dadmun.

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no Such by In My Car

Kevin Hugger

Chirpy acoustics are always a good way to set your stall out and though I got the feeling that this might be a rough draft it couldn't dampen the authenticity. A singer that sounds like Glen Hansard is always a help to add an emotional heft and when the tempo lifts it actually feels like we've been on a journey together. I kept on getting the feeling however that a little tidy up here and there and this could really blow minds. It has an alt soul but just where did those Beach Boys harmonies come from!! Gonna give this a shout out on Twitter, something very exciting happening here. 

Andrea Young

We like the acoustic style of the beginning of the tune, and the singer-songwriter tone of the vocals is very engaging.  But this sounds more like it is a work in process than a completed track.  The production isn't quite as clean as would be appropriate for commercial release.  The vocals sound very pitch-y right from the beginning, we'd suggest working on that.  And possibly consider further developing the lyrics as well, they repeat a bit excessively for our taste.  It's a solid effort and we applaud that!  Thanks for including the Spotify link, always helpful.  Hope you continue on, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.