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'Resolution' by CRÈME

Jen Dan

Heya Trixie!  So good to hear this new house-inspired electronic pop track from you.  The effect is sharp and clear as crystal in its sonics, lyrics, and production.  The measured paced track has a powerful message about defeating the 'creeping darkness' with love - I dig that!
I'm also into how you layer your vocal lines - the main one is direct and then you have twisty vocal additions in various parts of the song.  There's an air of portent with the staccato tempo, from the well-placed hand claps, breaking glass, and deeper buzzing reverb.
Overall, a nicely done tune with thought-provoking lyrics.

Mike Mineo

Whirring synths and clap-laden percussion gives off a gripping intro, the quivering vocals giving off an icy vibe that sounds great in this winter weather. Synth buzzing around 00:40 enters as a nice indicator of the incoming hook - the "oh let the pink flag of love fly" bit enhancing the preceding verses with pulsating synths and a more up-front vocal presence. This is a successfully idiosyncratic vein of synth-pop that meshes elements of accessible pop with originality -- the aesthetic reminds me fondly of Swedish act The Knife, though with a bit more of an effervescent pop shimmer. This is a quality track; I look forward to posting on OS. In regard to help with promotion, feel free to reach out to me at for rates and success stories regarding my PR servicing. Would love to lend a hand. Thanks for submitting! -Mike