I currently manage Denver-based rock / roll band, The Hollow. I'm also on the board of two music nonprofits: the Colorado Music Business Organization and the newly founded Rocky Mountain Music Relief.
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Michael Hunter

There are two main things I want to say right at the start.  One - love the design of the bass.  Two - love the skirt.

Moving on from that - this was my first exposure to the work of The Hollow, and it's an understatement to say it's made a positive impression.  To the extent that I can't really think of anything I'd want to particularly change about any of it!

I'm going to look up more details about the band after I've written this, so the impressions can be entirely from what I've just seen and heard here.  The song itself develops well, and clearly shows a band that has grown into a tight unit, and that knows how to write, perform and present their music to a high level.  That's probably stating the obvious!

The production, to my ears, not only complements the song but also doesn't seem to get into the whole "loudness wars" / over-compression thing that's way too common these days.  It's powerful enough to suit the song but doesn't seem to lose the sonic highs and lows that are often lost in a production and/or mastering mire.  This is something to be grateful for.

In common with the song, the video captured my interest from the start and didn't let go.  They complement each other well.  There's obvious attention to detail and the sort of creativity that can be both 'arty' and down to earth and relatable at the same time.  Nice one.

If you're after helpful advice, I'm not sure what to offer other than hearty encouragement!  The end result is well worth the effort taken in making the recording and the video.

Jen Dan

Wow, I was blown away by your song and video which both send a powerful message about how most of the time we hide how we're really feeling, even from those we love.  
It's difficult to mix and music and lyrics so that they both get equal treatment - most bands settle either for the mood/atmosphere or what they want to say, but you've combined it brilliantly on this song.
Your sonics are rousing and passionate - I love the punching drums, jagged to burning guitar lines, bass undertow, and emotive vocals, including the group chorus vocals that swell at times during the song.
I also love your lyrics on this track,  because you're exposing a universal issue - How hard it is to express yourself to the ones you care about.  That definitely touches a nerve for me.
And the video ties it all together with the narrative bookends of the couple getting ready for bed and the man asking the woman if she's okay and she says yes - even though she really doesn't mean it.  
We then see her running through a dark forest (representing all the heavy thoughts weighing on her mind, I'm assuming), which is interspersed with performance footage of you giving it your all live as a band.
Definitely a video and song I'll remember for a long time - for all the right reasons!  :D

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