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Mindless by Of Noah

Mike Mineo

Aggressive splatters of guitar distortion give "Mindless" an eerie feel from the get-go, especially with the lingering ambient effects appearing around the 30-second mark and becoming quickly accompanied by distant, tortured vocals. The slabs of guitar combine with the enthusiastic vocals to make for a sound fondly reminiscent of post-hardcore legends Mclusky. The stampede of percussion and lingering guitar makes for a nice, muscle-y presence in the track's mid-section, helping lead to a conclusion where the distortion becomes enjoyably ingrained in my memory. The structural repetition is notable though plays in a hypnotic sense. Cool ceremonial-like vocal eeriness at 04:17, too. This is a successful, hypnotic effort with alternative and post-hardcore aspects intertwined well. Good stuff -- thanks for sending! Since you marked wanting help with promotion, feel free to reach out to me at if interested in my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Would love to work with you. -Mike

Kevin Hugger

Brings me right back to the 90's, early part of that decade. A time when Swervedriver were mounting grand mosaics of chord laden assaults like here. There are also Trail of Dead, Slint comparisons to be drawn too such are the harsh vocal tendencies that pervade throughout. But for the abrasiveness there is a melodic heart being peddled, look and listen hard to enough to see inside this rough diamond of songs. It billows with intent throughout and that relentlessness just makes for a hypnotic surrendering, the way chillwave can also summon but distinctly at the other range of the noise spectrum. Impressive.