Singer, songwriter, engineer, producer
Melbourne based country pop musician, Olivia Foy, picked up her first guitar at 12 years old; teaching herself to play. 
Growing up, Olivia connected with the music of Taylor Swift; enamoured by a song’s ability to not only share a story, but to also resonate emotionally with others, helping Olivia to develop her own storytelling songwriting style. 

Though Olivia Foy’s music is clearly influenced by her country music heroes - artists such as Taylor Swift, Kelsey Ballerini, and Carrie Underwood - her diverse sound stems from a love of listening to a range or genres, including pop, metal, and punk music. Studying music technology provided a further platform for experimenting with her sound, blending country instrumentation with pop production, leading to many of Olivia’s songs blurring the lines between genres.

Of Chinese descent, Olivia Foy wants to challenge the stereotype of what it means to be a country music artist in the world today, and hopes to connect with and inspire younger listeners through her music. 

Following the release of her debut single Kiss Me in February 2018, Olivia is currently busy with her newly formed band preparing material to play shows later this year, and also working on her debut EP, due for release late 2018.
indie pop, hard rock, edm, pop, post-hardcore, country, pop punk, metalcore

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Kiss Me (Audio Only) by Olivia Foy

D Grant Smith

Honestly, I haven't enjoyed a country-sounding tune in a long time. But I like this one. It's fun, sweet, and has a great sound to it. Makes me curious what the rest of the album or EP this song comes from sounds like. I'd love to hear it, and learn more about what you're doing to get your music out to media and new audiences. Shoot me an email dgrant@dgrantsmith.com and we'll talk more. Mention this Fluence review so I don't miss it. Talk with you soon!