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Honey Beard

Honey Beard

Canadian Electronic Pop/ Synth-wave Duo
Honey Beard is an award winning Electronic Synth-Pop duo from Toronto, Canada. The band have been creating music since 2012 drawing on early influences such as Depeche Mode, MGMT and The Cure. The band have built up quite a reputation for their frenetic live performances with edgy songs that tear apart typical pop arrangements while balancing dark synths with bright thumping beats.
music performance
synthpop, electro pop, indie electronic
Toronto, Canada

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Alan Cross

Nice work. No notes from me on songwriting, performance, or production. The question is now what to do with this music.

My gut is that the best spots for this are (a) the club scene (augmented by remixes of the track) and (b) the sync world (TV, film, commercials). Radio isn't really in the same place as you now, although that could change. It would require and edit and a remix with some tougher beats.

I'm assuming that you'll get this on all the streaming platforms including YouTube. From there, you'll need to build your social media following to drive people to your music.

I'll post this to my social networks. That should be good for about 100,000 people.

Honey Beard submitted media.

Reverie by Honey Beard

Arielle J.

This is great! I really appreciate how polished this track is. The strong synths here are very 80s reminiscent, I can see this track being used in a movie soundtrack. I'd be very curious to hear more from Honey Beard considering that this is a fairly mellow song but the band description mentions "frenetic live performances." There's definitely talent here!

Charlie Ashcroft

Such a rich, sweeping shoegaze-tinged slice of electronic pop. Vocals draw you in and the production is very cinematic. If looking to push further, I’d recommend a company like Popfiction, who represent and promote this type of music very well indeed.

John Masters

I like the sound, has a very Washed Out sort of vibe to it.  Definitely some nice reverb-y ideas going on.  A hint of the 80s in there too, with some good hooks.  Well executed overall.  

Nice and Loud

Reminds me of a slow tempo Human League era track,  The vocals stand out but the drums could use some adjustments.  Curious about performances send your EPK to warren@missjnyce.com  

Tom Johnson

There are some really nice elements here, I think I prefer the more restrained patterns of the music than the powerful vocal but that's just a personal choice. Will keep an eye out for the full work, and pass this on to the team. Best of luck with the release! 

Mike Mineo

A buzzing, repeating synth lead and reverbed vocals give off a convincing, nocturnal presence to kick off "Reverie."  The extra key twinkle during the "and you know I love her," bit adds extra charm -- helping gear for the effervescent additions at 00:40 -- the extra dazzling synth and lush backing pad playing well. The "and you know the light will shine," lyrics goes beautifully with this uptick in effervescence -- I'm always a fan of when the lyrics' adjustment aligns with a shift in soundscape, with this particular section going from nighttime to daylight in both lyrics and instrumentation. Very nice work with the production -- it maintains my interest throughout, maintaining a hypnotic allure while showing just enough melodic versatility and variety. This is a lovely track that I look forward to sharing on Obscure Sound. Also, since you mentioned needing help with promotion, feel free to email me at mike@obscuresound.com to inquire about my PR servicing's success stories and rates. I'd love to work with you. Thanks for submitting! -Mike

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