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Up To D.C. by Mr. Dreem


I really like this song. I am not sure if it is because there is always a sense of letting go and moving on with life at the beginning of the year or if the song is really that good.  Its nice, clean, not over the top sugary pop, or overdramatic, very adult.  I would love to play this song on my station. 

Alan Cross

Nice song with an Owl Eyes/MGMT and maybe event Twenty One Pilots vibe. The only thing I wonder about is what a different producer might have done with the rhythm track. Live drums? Or maybe programming with a more live feel? An outside producer might also want to revisit the ending, opting for something other than a fade. Or if a fade, maybe one in a different style. 

Now some questions:

1.  What are your career goals? Radio play? Recording? Licensing and syncs? Income from a publishing deal? Soundtracks? All these paths need to be investigated. That being said, there's no way this shouldn't be considered for radio airplay with the proper marketing and promotion.

2. Your social media strategy will be key. Make sure that you reply to every comment that may come in. Turn early fans into evangelists, especially the ones who contributed to this video. Get them to spread the word.  

3. If you don't already, get someone to handle getting your material on streaming music services, especially someone who knows how to get your songs on the best and music influential new music/new discovery playlists. They're becoming increasingly important. Ask Drake what it's like to benefit from clever playlist placement. 

4. If radio airplay is important to you, get a radio plugger. They know how to get to the right music directors. Work with both campus stations and public radio. 

5. Make friends with as many bloggers as possible. Even the smallest want to think that they can discover The Next Big Thing. Every little bit of coverage helps.

6. Wanna know if your material is great? (1) Are you friends and family raving about your stuff? (2) Are people actively seeking you out? If the answer to both those questions is "yes." You may have something on your hands. If not, then maybe what you're offering just isn't good enough to cut through all the noise. Remember that no one has a RIGHT to have their music heard. Your music has to demand people's attention on its own.

7. How often do you play live? Nothing is better than having a group of strangers giving you real feedback in real time. 

8. Record labels are weird these days. They're all about pop and hip-hop. How do you want to market this? As pop? Alt-pop? Alternative? That decision may impact what kind of uptake the song has.

9. If the budget allows, do what you can to get something on YouTube, even if it's just a lyric video. That's still the biggest source of music discovery.

Let me spread this to my social networks. That'll be good for at least 100,000 people. 

Bob Lugowe

Good song, I'm enjoying this poppier direction that you're heading into. I'd stick with what I've said previously and say if you're trying to promote your music more you should hire a publicist to help you get media coverage which in turn can lead to better playlisting on the streaming services. I would definitely include links to any official sites and social media in your Fluence description too. Consider making a video for this track too to get more eyes on it than just a traditional stream. you need something to stand out from the pack. Best of luck!

Wiley Koepp

Similar to other Mr. Dreem songs, this could fall seamlessly into Alt Nation's playlist. Diggin' it. Somber lyrics relatable to everyone, set to a beat we can all bob our heads to. Yeah, definitely diggin'! Matt Drenik meets Sir Sly. 

submitted media.

Wiley Koepp

I'm hearing Sir Sly once the vocals come in, which is a good thing in my book. Once again, this could be dropped seamlessly in Alt Nation's programming schedule. 

At first, the acoustic guitar at 0:25 struck me as too lo-fi to blend with the rest of the song. But after a few listens, I think I'm enjoying the contrast.

Despite my Alt Nation mentions, that's not really my wheelhouse stylistically, but I'm still really enjoying the last two songs you've sent to me. I could play this record in my office or in my car or rehearsal studio and I can see my co-workers, kids & wife, and bandmates diggin' it.

No suggestions for change on this one. Similar to the guitar lick early in the song, the "bestest" initially caught me as too lo-fi. But upon additional listens I think that's the beauty of both sounds--they jump out and catch the listeners attention.

I'd buy your record on please keep me posted on your progress and if you decide to go that route.

Wiley Koepp, Owner/Editor
Coyote Music

Victor Romijn

thanks for sending this track. I really like the flow and must say that the vocals are very well in combination with the melody and instrumentation. 
One thing that I really like about the track is the short lick at the end of the chorus. It really hits me. 
Two things that stand out in a negative way for me are the change in instrumentation at 0:25 (why?) and the outro. You could finish the track at 3:30 instead of letting it run another 25 seconds.

Best, Victor

submitted media.

Sleepless Unfinished by Mr. Dreem

Hugh McIntyre

I get where this was going, but I don't know that it really achieved that goal, if only because of the recording quality. I think it all needed to be smoothed over a bit, but it was catchy!

Victor Romijn

nice synths - love the guitar
sounds like empire of the sun
great break

Wiley Koepp

I like this one better than the first song you sent my way. Seems a bit more...'mainstream'? But not in a lame, commercial sort of way. But certainly something that could be popped in Alt Nation's playlist on SiriusXM. Maybe try to submit their way via the Advanced Placement show.

Something about this reminds me of INXS, the hopeful, soaring, melodic chorus, I think. Nothing jumps out that I would change, really, as far as arrangement or instrumentation. My personal tastes want there to be some more 'bass' sound to it. Not necessarily bass guitar, and maybe using the lower frequencies that are already there. But making it a bit more 'full' would appeal to me. It'd make it a song you'd play loudly in your car with the windows down on a beautiful day.

Thanks for sending this my way. Really enjoyed it. Vocals sound great, both performance and production-wise. Song's got great melodies. Not too repetitive, but repetitive enough to hum along to.

Since this is in progress, I won't share it on social media. But feel free to let me know when it's ready and I'll share it. You can always reach me via any of the methods at

submitted media.

Tin Foil Hat by Mr. Dreem

Gianluca Abbadessa

Given that I sincerely like this song, I'd like to give my feedback on it telling you that in my opinion this song could end at the beginning of the 4th minute fading out: if I were a dj and I liked to airplay your song it wouldn't be good for a song of 5 minutes with two seems to be lenghtened without any stylistic reason.
I love this fresh sound arranged with a variety of colours - organ in the beginning / verse, amazing riff of guitar, change in vocal approach, solo, in a very wise crescendo that involves you in listening to it and shaking your head.
Great potential for fashion advertising.

Wiley Koepp

Sound reminds me of MGMT, as well as Ghostland Observatory's early club gigs in Austin before they hit--when people thought, "what the hell is that?" But it hit, and it hit big. And certainly with conspiracy theorists (and those who aren't into them), Joe Rogan and Alex Jones, there's an audience out there for lyrics of this nature.

The production here is solid--the vocals in the intro had me worried for a bit. Thought I was in for 5 minutes of roughness, but then when the full sound kicked it it all made sense.

Promotion-wise, there's always the work we do at Coyote Music. We're happy to work with you on some online promotion. It's not free but it's just a few 'tens' of dollars. But it also seems that you've got nearly unlimited options dropping this onto any number of conspiracy websites. Even approach topical podcasters for mentions or to use your song as intro/outro music. If you can get something like that, then you have however many listeners hearing you on every podcast episode in perpetuity. 

Best of luck!

Wiley Koepp, Owner/Editor
Coyote Music

Indie Band Guru

Interesting slow open with the falsetto Bee Gees vocal.  Really like the energetic blast at the 1:15 mark. Grabs attention and makes the song.

Scott Cohen

Great track.  Tap into the zeitgeist. Tag, hashtag and start spreading.

submitted media.

Brian Hazard

I'm really enjoying the lyrics, even before I hit play!

This reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins fwiw. I'm not hearing the synths or drum machine. Ah okay, there's a synth solo. It's just after reading the bio, I expected something a little more "out there." This is not a "deep and experimental sonic landscape."

I guess I'll skip the deep analysis since you didn't select "feedback on my work" and are just looking for promotion help. Overall it feels pretty polished, and I love the harmonies.

I'm happy to share it, and hope it will get you a few well-deserved listens. Thanks for sharing it with me!


Valida Carroll

Hi there...
Thanks so much for your submission...

In one sentence: If Jane's Addiction and Band of Horses had a baby, they would call it Mr. Dreem.

I really like this song...a lot. It's gorgeous...It's also really well produced and your lyrics match the music...To say, they are equally good, which is rare.

It takes a good song to make me forget what I'm doing and just let me slide inside it, allowing it to completely envelop me into its world...This song did that...

I will share it...and would love a good quality MP3 please.

Thank you!

Victor Romijn

Hi Aaron and Austin,
thanks for the submission of your track The Grand Scheme of Things on Fluence.
First of all, it's a very good and consistent track. The mastering and mixing has been done very well and that's very welcome to hear. One point of critique could be that there isn't that much dynamic - it goes on in the same pace and same loudness over the whole track. Which could make it become boring if you listen to it too often.
The lyrics are good, I like the wordplay on patients' patience and foreword forward. It grabs my attention and that's a good thing.
Vocally, the harmonies sound great and the higher notes are hit in a good way. One thing coud be that it's technically a bit too good. If I don't listen to the words I don't really get an emotion of what the song is about.

The rhythm and chord progressions in the song are fine as well, you can really hear the work that has been put in making the song. If I could name one thing, it's the intro that takes quite long (around 40 seconds) and the solo's that are a bit long. 

All in all, a good song which will have some potential on the middle-of-the-road radio stations. A bit like the Wallflowers in their best days.


Heather Frazier Behling

Definitely love the intro --- the whole song makes me yearn for the upcoming spring season (when will it get here???) 

John Masters

I like the production, nice retro rock sound -- vocals and overall vibe gives me a Modest Mouse sort of feel. Definitely fits in with the dream pop sort of style.  Nice keyboard pop riffs as well.

Ty White

I enjoy the overall sound, but nothing about it really stands out for me -- it sounds like another iteration of the sound and structure I've heard so many times before. It's got a fun vibe, but it's something I'd quietly tap my toe to and quickly forget rather than immediately looking for who the artist is to listen to more. I'd prefer to hear a more unique sound, or at least hear some surprises in the song structure.

Shayne Locke

Hey guys,

I actually didn't know what to expect. You have surprised me. What a great sound. Love the layers and the fullness of the sound. Can you send a link to the rest of the album to me?

I am happy to help get your music out there. I help artists get radio exposure and would love to discuss your options if you are hoping to get your music to mainstream radio. My email is and my website is

Well done

Bree Noble

I like the groove and the vocals. Could use a little more melodic hook but the instrumentals are great. Unfortunately we can't play this on our Podcast because we only play music by female artists. Good luck with this track.

Indie Band Guru

Love this! Amazing wall of sound coming from just a duo. The vocals are elegant and give off a very welcoming vibe. I can see listeners truly connecting with the music and wanting to connect with the artist behind it. 

SD Hox

This song really grew on me as it raced along! Great guitars and even better vocals. Thanks for sharing and I'll spread the word!

Andrea Young

Liking the dream-pop musicality of this but the lyrics throw me off it a bit to start.  The  'grand scheme of things' chorus is catchy and draws me in. That, and the harmonious sound of the track are what keep me listening.  But there are many different elements and thoughts in this track, I get a bit lost trying to follow it.   I keep coming back to the chorus, its masterful! Hope that's helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!   

submitted media.

You Versus the World by Mr. Dreem

Reji B

I really like it. I can see this ending up on a FIFA soundtrack playlist as menu music. I'd love to see/hear more from the band. 

Abdul Karim Siraji

Sounds a like a great song. Just see if you could do some Mid side EQ to remove the centre parts as its clashing with voice. 

Larry Lootsteen

Love the opening.  Intriguing noise catches the ear immediately.  Great beat.  Vocals are REALLY interesting!    Not sure I like the high pitched "Youuuu" but that's minor.  Drumming mix really works well and is varied enough to keep it interesting.  Feels like a brand new version of an 80's vibe.  I'm glad you threw in the break two-thirds through.  Nice transition to the finale and it's different and draws you in.  I'd skip the fade out and do a proper ending to the song.  I think a hard stop would work on this track.  Great song though!  Well done!

Arielle J.

This is really fun! It fits right in with the indie rock that's really popular today, and even though it's electronic I see it having more appeal with the hipster crowd than the electro kids. It took around 20 seconds or so for me to get into it - the beginning is a little strange for me and it was hard for my ear to connect with the rhythm, initially. I think it takes a smidge too long to fade out at the end. Really great job overall!

Jerry Doby

Well arranged, awesome vocals. Good radio single I think!

Bree Noble

It's a good song but it doesn't "wow" me.  The verse is catchy and the chorus has some great instrumental hooks.  There's definitely a lot to like.

Søren Lund Korsgaard

Nice electronic-indie vibe going on here! I really like the vocals and the choir. The lead vocal reminds me of a mix of Ben Gibbard from Band Of Horses and Ben Bridwell from Death Cab For Cutie which is a compliment. I get a bit tired of the drum machine, would consider real drums.
I'm also missing something extra that makes the track stand out from the rest in a crowded genre. 

Best regards and good luck


I really dig this song.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this band.  The songs are fun to listen to.  This is going to b a band I end up enjoying for a long time. 

Tom Johnson

Thanks for the submission! I dig the track, nice balance between the bold moments and the more refined parts, I'm going to go and explore the album now, and send it out to our writers . 

Hugh McIntyre

Cool song. I can see a number of people liking this, though it's not really for me. I feel like I've heard this type of indie rock before, and while it was good, it didn't give me something new and fresh enough to really stand out.

SD Hox

Thanks for sharing. I like the vocals and the chord progression. Overall, it is a really catchy song and it makes me want to hear more from this brother duo. TBH, I didn't love the drum machine on the track (I think the vocals/songwriting/presentation would shine much more fully with live instrumentation). All in all though, nice job!

Bob Lugowe

Well-written, fun, smart song that is a great mix of genres with an original sound. Love the album art and it is a perfect complement to the music. You should definitely consider making a music video for a song from your new album for extra exposure and contact as many blogs / outlets as possible to cover it if you don't have a publicist working the record already. I imagine this is great live too so make sure to get out there in front of people as much as possible, submitting for fests like SXSW, Northside Festival and any local / regional showcases. Best of luck!

Brian Hazard

Electro Indie Psychedelic Rock — sounds like you've got all your bases covered! 😜

This one actually sounds a whole lot like Smashing Pumpkins, with a little Japanese Whispers era Cure mixed in. 

Vocals are *fantastic*.

The mix is pretty rough though. There's a sustained frequency in the bass that really rings through on my speakers at least (the tonic). Drums are pretty dry and could use a little compression to glue them together (try the new Drum Bus in Ableton Live 10!).

Honestly, if the bass just came down A LOT — like 4 dB or so for starters — the mix would be much closer. Professional mastering could likely take it the rest of the way from there.

But it looks like the track is already released and locked. Totally understood!

I really like what you're doing here, so if you've got another track that you feel is technically stronger, feel free to submit it. Probably best with a SoundCloud link if you want me to share it on SoundCloud. I'm not sure what you used here for the built-in player.

A couple suggestions for future Fluence submissions:

1. Include the lyrics so we can follow along (I understood them just fine, but wasn't always focused on them)

2. Include a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

Good stuff!

submitted media.

Bulldog by Mr. Dreem


I really like this song.  It is super catchy and fun to listen to.  I would love to play it on my station. 

Alan Cross

This is ridiculously pleasant! I really enjoyed everything about, including the panning of the guitar bits through the bridge. 

Well done. I have nothing to offer in terms of songwriting, performance or production. The question becomes "Now what?"

1. Your social media strategy will be key. Make sure that you reply to every comment that may come in. Turn early fans into evangelists.

2. If you don't already, get someone to handle getting your material on streaming music services, especially someone who knows how to get your songs on new music/new discovery playlists. They're becoming increasingly important.

3. If radio airplay is important to you, get a radio plugger. They know how to get to the right music directors.

4. Make friends with as many bloggers as possible. Even the smallest want to think that they can discover The Next Big Thing.

5. Play live as much as possible. Nothing is better than having a group of strangers giving you real feedback in real time.
6. If budget allows, get this up on YouTube, even if it's just a static shot with the music playing in the background. YouTube is a HIGHLY important sort of music discovery and for many potential music fans, you don't exist if you're not on YouTube.

Let me post this on my social networks. The song deserves some exposure. And if you want, send me an embeddable link and a high-quality MP3 to and I'll see what I can do about featuring it on the radio. Oh, and send a bio, too.

Bob Lugowe

I would start by suggesting that you include links to hear more music and a description of the song / bio in your Fluence submission as right now the listener would have to do a lot of their own research to find out more about you. Anyway, I do dig this song as it has a unique vibe that somehow matches the incredible artwork and sounds very modern yet with roots in classic indie rock and electronica. Since the album is already released you should focus on promoting it with a creative music video and playing out live as much as possible. Consider hiring a publicist for your next release too. Best of luck!

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